Wardrobe Care | Accessories 1,2,3

How we organize and care for our accessories is as important as how we store those pieces. Our metal jewelry can last for years, but needs to be cleaned and stored properly. But what about paper beads? Silk Scarves? Leather or canvas bags?I’m going to help you organize, clean, and store all your accessories!

How to organize scarves? I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to organize your scarves, some of mine are beautiful and I prefer to keep them out on display, others stay folded. I would keep them out of direct sunlight so that they don’t fade over time. 
How to clean scarves? I prefer to hand wash my scarves on an as needed basis, in lukewarm water and of course air dry. Now you might be wondering how in the world do I care for silk scarves. Since I only own one piece of silk, a scarf from a friend, I hand wash with mild detergent in cold water. And then air dry. I do not wring out any of my scarves and most defiantly do not wring out silk. Treat silk scarves as if you are washing paper and treat it as such.
How to store your scarves? I store my 3 season scarves neatly folded in a basket in my bedroom closet. Another option is to hang your scarves in your closet, there are even cool hangers for doing that.    

How to organize jewelry? I organize my jewelry a few different ways, heirloom jewelry is kept in protective bags in a secure jewelry box. Frequently worn pieces are kept easily accessible.
How to clean jewelry? I use polishing clothes, and silver cleaner on my sterling silver pieces. But I don’t clean them often. If stored properly cleaning isn’t necessary very often.
How to store jewelry? Metal jewelry should be kept in air tight bags to prevent tarnishing. You can also keep metal jewelry in polishing bags. Paper bead jewelry is good in a jewelry box, but I would avoid keeping it anywhere in your bathroom or anywhere humid.My parents gifted me with a lovely glass top box that I keep on my dresser. Here is where I store my brass, leather, and papered jewelry. I hang all my longer length necklaces on hook. I also use a canvas toiletry bag from Anchal to store some of my artisan style pieces, which gets a lot of use as I tote pieces from my bedroom to my office for blog photo sessions.

How to organize bags? No right way or wrong way. But don’t throw them into your closet without storing them properly.
How to clean your bags? Check out my post on caring for leather. Treat canvas bags with a protective spray, and always spot clean as necessary.
How to store your bags? When my bags aren’t in use, I either have them displayed on hooks in my office, because I love looking at them,  or they are stored in my closet. For the most part you want to keep leather bags in cotton bags in a closet to keep them dust free and not in direct sunlight. I have a few cotton drawstring bags that I keep smaller bags in, another option is to sew your own or use the sewn packaging from when you buy new sheets to house bags. Larger tote bags are hung on clothes hangers by their handles. I try to remember to condition my leather bags before storing them. That way they can stay hydrated while in storage. 

What accessories do you have a hard time organizing, cleaning or storing?

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