Mindfulness | Sustainability in the Bathroom

As much as I am trying to reduce my plastic waste, I still have some bad habits, the biggest one stares at me from my shower corner a few times a week. The plastic shampoo & conditioner bottles I am dependant on. While I’ve made great strides to reduce my plastic consumption and I believe every small step matters, those plastic bottles feel like they are yelling at me, “you can’t claim a mindul or sustainable concious life while we are here.”

Confession time: After years of looking for a shampoo & conditioner combination that made my hair feel luxurious without drying it out or making it oily I finally found it about a few years ago. Since then, I’ve pretty much only used this shampoo & conditioner combo which, like other shampoos and conditioners, comes in plastic bottles. But I recycle them! I can’t be the only one who feels like it takes years to find the perfect shampoo & conditioner combo for your hair. And those plastic bottles just stare at me from the corner of my shower…
That said shampoo & conditioner bars are currently trending and I have a LOT of questions.
Would it work well on mine and my husband’s hair? He has thin wavy hair and I have thick oily hair.
Would we have to get 2 different sets for us to use? 

And as much as I hate plastic waste, I hate buying something and not liking how it works with my hair and thus it not being used at all. Which I many hate more than the plastic bottles themselves. Anyone else?

I won a self care giveaway from my friend, Heidi, on Instagram and it included this shampoo bar in it which I didn’t actually know until it arrived. So, I’m patiently waiting to try it once I finish up those bottles of shampoo & conditioner…it may be a while y’all.

More Sustainable Bathroom Swaps
Natural Louffa instead of a Plastic Louffa
(You can find these on Amazon & lots of other places too)
Bar of Soap instead of Body Wash
Zambeezi ethically sourced & fair trade made bars of soap
Cartridge razor or reusable razor instead of disposable razors
(I use my husband’s old Harry’s Razor with disposable heads because we already have them)
Natural Deoderant in Compostable or Reusable Packaging instead of Regular Deoderant
Coconut Matter Deoderant is an all natural deoderant in compostable packaging
Bamboo Toothbrush instead of a Plastic Toothbrush
I have a set of Bamboo Toothbrushes from Net Zero Co

What non-sustainable habits do you have that you’d like to improve? Let’s remember that every small action helps and even though I feel like I haven’t done enough, I have made some great steps forward including using silicone bags instead of single use zipper top bags, taking our reusable bottles everywhere, saying no to straws, taking our lunches, and choosing to buy less.
Just remember all the small steps you have made to a more sustainable life!

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