Mindfulness | Minimal Bedroom Design

With my background in Interior Design, I’ve intentionally designed our bedroom to be minimal. Which is surprising because the rest of our home is far from minimal. After moving back to Colorado we added our first bedroom set which was once my grandparent’s. With turned carved oak, for a beautiful and timeless look. 

After my grandfather passed away and my Grandmother chose to downsize and we were offered this bedroom set and I thought it would be perfect for us. While our bedroom is arranged in such a way that not all the pieces fit in our room, so we continue to use our mismatched dressers in the meantime. 

Our mismatched dressers are a result of simply being married. My dresser is one my parents gave me when I was in high school, my husband’s dresser is from Ikea and it took, literally, 4 hours to assemble so we are holding on to it for as long as possible. In addition to the bed frame & side tables there is also a beautiful matching oak dresser and vanity which won’t fit in our bedroom no matter how we arrangement. 

I’ve thought about hanging a piece over our bed but I’ve hesitated because I’ve always been so quickly to hang art. And I have a lot of art, so the space above my bed has remained empty. Or as I like to think of it as open. By leaving this space open, it’s left our bedroom much more minimalist without feeling empty. Other pieces, we’ve added to our bedroom to make it calming include some of my plant babies and simple drapes. We don’t have a TV in our bedroom, less tech in the bedroom the better.

So what are the benefits to a minimal bedroom?

  • lack of distraction
  • simplicity
  • quiet space
  • calming

I prefer to have designated areas for messes, that leaves other spaces to be quiet. It also gives us permission to be messy or disorganized in certain areas without feeling messy.

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