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This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family. I was provided a piece of jewelry in return for a blog post.

A few things you may not know about me, I use to have an awesome rock collection when I was a kid, and it was one of the reasons I was excited to take geology in college. And my favorite color is yellow. When we were put into teams for field day in Elementary School, I wanted to be on the yellow team and I was for a few years. 

Yellow is often associated with cheerfulness, friendship, wisdom, and creative joy. Maybe that explains why I like yellow. It is friendly, welcoming, and creative 3 things I describe myself as. 

Gemstones often come with their own associations and the yellow quartzite includes clarity in decision making, relief from ‘burnout’, panic, nervousness or exhaustion, sharper memory, and protection from depression during dull weather. The Yellow Quartzite is also linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra relating to self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation. I’m defiantly drawn to the beautiful yellow quartzite stone in the Joyful Spirit Bracelet from Daria Day. 

These beautiful and contemporary gemstone pieces from Daria Day are ethically sourced and exquisitely handcrafted. They are committed to elevated the lives of the artisans who create each piece. Daria Day creates wearable and functional art for people looking for style & authenticity of materials used, believing in the healing and connecting power behind each gemstone. Daria Day works with a group of local miners to source their gemstones and silver. They are closely affiliated with the Rupani Foundation, an NGO that has created a rigorous testing process and ensures their gemstones are of the highest quality.

Each design begins as a concept by their founder, Farrukh Lalani and is handcrafted as a limited edition design by our artisans in Northern Pakistan. Each piece of jewelry comes with a product card so you can learn more about the artisan that created the piece and the origin of the gemstone and share in their story. And because each piece is handcrafted, no two pieces are alike, making each Daria Day jewelry piece unique. 

More about Daria Day from their website:

Empowering Everyone to Live a Prosperous Life
A Canadian company, Daria Day works with artisans living in the remote mountain communities in the foothills of the K2 Mountain in Northern Pakistan – some of which are the most isolated and poor communities in the world. Our Founder Farrukh Lalani was working with NGOs in Pakistan when she got to know the people in these communities and the need for opportunities to empower them financially and creatively. Daria Day strives to provide the artisans with a sustainable livelihood and path to prosperity. By supporting the economically disadvantaged, Daria Day hopes to make a difference by breaking the cycle of poverty and to show that we are all connected. Daria is from old Persian and is the female variant of Darius, meaning prosperity.

We hope that Daria Day brings prosperity into your life and that you go out into the world and share it with those around you.
Daria Day works with 50 – 60 artisans from three collectives living in remote mountain communities in Gilgit Baltistan in Northern Pakistan. While our artisans live in largely isolated and economically disadvantaged communities, each one has their own story to tell and they are working hard to create a prosperous life. Each of our jewelry pieces is handcrafted and becomes a part of our artisans’ stories.

I had so much fun collaborating with Daria Day and styling this beautiful Joyful Spirit gemstone bracelet. This bracelet is on regular rotation and I always get compliments on this gorgeous ethically sourced and women empowering bracelet! Learn more about Daria Day’s Artisans, and get a beautiful gemstone piece from Daria Day for yourself or someone you love, Here.

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