Wear it Wednesday | 3 ways I am styling a Jumpsuit

I ordered this Hallie jumpsuit in March, it was the first piece of clothing I ordered in 2020 after a 2.5 month no buy challenge. And it arrived in August, months later because when the Coronavirus hit Nepal they locked down the borders. So, I waited patiently knowing when it arrived I would wear it often.

I was so excited when my Hallie was delivered, of course I immediately put it on! Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the specifics of my body I am 5’2” with a nearly 30” inseam and a shorter torso but not obviously short. So when I put on my Hallie jumpsuit it was abundantly clear how short my torso was. The front placket of buttons was literally folding over on its self at the waist when tied. So I wore it was a camisole and a denim jacket to hide the fact that the top was too big, thinking I could still pull it off. Because I did wait months for this! After wearing it one day I knew I needed to take up the shoulders. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to wear it comfortably.

Coincidently, my mom brought me a sewing machine when she came to visit in late May but my sewing skills are elementary at best. I explained my situation with my friend who is an avid maker and sewer, she kindly said she would help me. It was also super helpful because I always thought it would be easier if I put it on inside out and then pinned but I can’t do that by myself. So, she helped even out my shoulders and pinned it correctly. She sewed one side, and supervised me sewing the other. I was very very nervous. But I think it turned out amazing and I’m excited to get a lot of wear out of this over the next several months!

Look 1 | Jumpsuit with Sseko Sandals

If my Hallie jumpsuit had arrived sooner, this would have been my summer style all June, July, and August long. The cool cotton knit of the jumpsuit makes it easy and breezy for summer days without feeling like you are wearing a lot. Easy to put on and go for whatever errands or work is ahead of me!

Sandals – Sseko Designs, Necklace – Noonday Collection, Bracelet – Daria Day

Look 2 | Jumpsuit with TRC mustard Flats

This was the first outfit I saw in my head with this military olive jumpsuit, that perfect in between summer and fall outfit for being over the heat and ready for cooler days while still being comfortable when it is hot outside. This is my go-to outfit when wearing this jumpsuit to work, it feels more “polished” with cute flats and I can wear a cardigan when the office gets cold!

Shoes – The Root Collective, Earrings – Sela Designs

Look 3 | Jumpsuit with ankle boots & denim jacket

This is my “is it fall yet” look? The cropped leg makes it less fallish but perfect for flaunting my ankle boots and still good for those early fall days when it’s cold in the mornings but warm in the afternoon. On even cooler days, I plan to add a pullover sweater to this ensemble! Ready to wear this outfit on repeat for September and October. Also the neutral olive will look stunning with my leopard Sseko coat from last season!

Boots – Toms, Jacket- Gift, Attitude – my dad

I have been slow to the jumpsuit/romper trends. They look adorable but I have worried about how they would fit my body. Like every trend or style, it is important to make decisions for your body, your style, your lifestyle. Since a large portion of my wardrobe is Elegantees, I knew I could be confident about the fit of this jumpsuit (with a few alterations) for me. I also think it is important to share that this is the first piece from Elegantees I have had to alter to get a better fit.

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