Wear it Wednesday | Early Fall Style Tips

Writing about fall so early in September may be a bad idea, but for me Fall starts when the calendar says September. Even if it is still warm where you are you can add the ambiance of fall to any outfit with a few easy steps! Also you do not need to go buy new things each season, a lot of the outfits I put together for this post are from the past year and in pieces I have loved and worn on repeat. Don’t be afraid to wear what you already have!

Even if you are still wearing shorts, changing your color palette can help you look for ready for the cooler season. Reach for jewel tones or muted earthy tones, luckily for me these are my favorite color palettes and I wear them year round.

Make some SWAPS to your favorite outfits. Instead of reaching for your favorite sandals grab a pair of flats instead, to me this is the biggest signal for the season. Also I don’t like it when my toes are cold. So flats are absolute perfection when the mornings are too cold for sandals but the days are still comfy and warm. I have also gotten out of the habit of painting my toes, so flats and ankle boots mean people don’t have to look at my natural toe nails.

Lastly, add a layer. Now if it is still warm this can be super hard. I recommend starting with a chambray button down, naturally cooling it will help you look ready for fall even if it is 90 degrees out. Also pay attention to the fibers of your sweaters, look for cotton this early in the season, saving wool/alpaca/cashmere for November and December.

One of my favorite “Almost Fall Outfits” is my button down chambray top with sleeves rolled paired with shorts and sandals. It is perfect for warm days with a cool breeze, and it very polished and put together for shopping, grabbing coffee with a friend, or whatever else it is people are gathering for in the pandemic. I would say church but I refuse to wear shorts to church, it is a personal decision. Which of these early fall style tips will you use this September?

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