Wear it Wednesday | Styling with Mustard Yellow

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Last month I mentioned in a post that my favorite color is yellow, and I do not shy away from wearing it. I love how a pop of mustard yellow brightens an ensemble and dare I say my entire wardrobe? If you are hesitant to try this shade, I’m sharing 4 different pieces in mustard yellow and how I wear them!

Mustard Skirt

My mustard skirt is an old design of the Shelby skirt, it falls just below my knees and has pockets, the soft jersey knit makes it a favorite of mine for spring, summer, and fall. I love this earthy neutral shade for pairing with my mostly neutral tops and comfy shoes. For fall, I plan to rock this mustard skirt with my go-to long sleeve tops from Pact Apparel (black top) and my classic button down Chambray top. It is also perfect with my denim jacket and Toms sneakers for a street ready look!

Mustard Shoes

I LOVE my mustard Gabby flats from The Root Collective, it helps that they are super photographable and go with basically everything in my closet. I wear these year-round and they never feel out of season, great with a neutral outfit like the plaid and black denim or worn with an emerald green maxi dress, the only way I am hesitant to wear them is if I am wearing another mustard piece. These are staples in my wardrobe and folks always notice them, they have easily become one of those pieces that people recognize as a Shelby piece, like my leopard coat.

Mustard Coat

As much as I love this little yellow coat, it is not suited for our coldest winter days. This is my 50 degree coat, usually good for one day in the fall, audience you know what I am talking about! I can wear this coat longer into the season when paired over a sweater. I always reach for more neutral dark tones when I am styling this piece, it gives my outfit a good background for this piece to pop. If you haven’t noticed yet, mustard and navy are a lovely combination for year round year!

Mustard Top

When styling a mustard top, it is important to make sure it is the statement of your outfit. Everything else needs to quietly letting that piece shine, great neutrals to wear with a mustard top are olive, charcoal, navy, and chocolate brown. I love applying artistic color palettes to my outfits, and while most of my wardrobe is very earthy and neutral being able to pair my red TRC flats with mustard brings a brightness to the outfit.

Do you love wearing yellow? Let me rephrase that how do you wearing yellow? Cause, let’s be honest mustard is having a moment right now and is the perfect suprise neutral for your wardrobe!

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