Wear it Wednesday | 2020 Fall Trends

It felt super weird looking up trends for the fall season, cause spring trends were mostly leggings and comfy tops with sweatshirts. And with the pandemic still happening globally, I am going to presume we will still be rocking those leggings (and sweatshirts) just with more interesting combinations. We have made it this far into the pandemic, we can make it through it but this time with fashion.

Animal Print

This trend is sticking around and I am here for it! Add a little or a lot to your outfit this fall to feel cute and comfy whether you are homeschooling this fall or just zooming with your homies. I don’t have many animal prints in my closet but the few I have a versatile enough to wear all fall long, perfect to wear with leggings, denim, or dresses. My favorite animal print pieces are a pair of flats, mules and my trusty Sseko Leopard coat.

Animal Print pieces to buy: an animal print coat in a boxy cut, animal print flats, animal print accessory

Monochromatic & Neutrals

Create a monochromatic look, an obvious step in the right direction with the popularity of jumpsuits. Start with a top and bottom of the same or nearly the same color, examples from the runway include looks with olive, khaki, and black. Try a monochromatic look with a variety of fits, from boxy to pleated, leggings, or bodysuits, a great accessory for a monochromatic look would be a neckerchief or layered necklaces, style a flowy cut cardigan or a wide cut layer.

Style a monochromatic coordinating top and bottom in black, khaki, or olive. Try wearing a jumpsuit with a matching separate like a coat or cardigan.

Boxy cut blazers/coats

It appears no one is interested in tight silhouettes post pandemic, and I don’t plan them my pandemic diet is not too friendly to my skinny jeans! Keep thing cozy with an oversized coat or blazer. Easily fits over a sweater or add a unique silhouette to your leggings and tee. 

Get a boxy cut blazer by find one at a thrift store, on Poshmark, or borrow one of your husband’s or dad’s.

Face Masks

Not surprisingly these are not going away any time soon. So make a few more, buy some from a small business. WEAR it when you go out to buy groceries, or run an errand. This is your most valuable fashion trend for 2020. I’m linking a few fair trade made masks, when you buy from ethical and fair trade brands you are making a direct impact on artisans lives. None of these links are affiliate. You are supporting global makers and small business when you buy from these brands!

Fair Anita
Mercy House Global
Sseko Designs
Malia Designs Fair Trade
Papillon marketplace
new creation
bought beautifully
amma’s umma – they have face sheilds too!
trades of hope
mango and main

Which of these trends will you try adding to your fall wardrobe? (Keep wearing those masks!) The most adventurous for me would be a complete monochromatic look, it would push me outside my comfort zone. So, I’ll try it! 

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