How to use Poshmark

In celebration of #SecondhandSeptember, I’m sharing how to buy and sell pieces for your wardrobe on Poshmark. Buying secondhand is a great way to add ethically made and fair trade pieces to your wardrobe without paying full price. I use Poshmark to sell pieces from my wardrobe so I can buy (new to me) pieces, from fair trade, ethically made, or luxury brands that I admire.

Why I like Poshmark

I started using Poshmark several years ago. I really love that I can buy and sell directly to people. Poshmark does take a 20% commission from sales over $15 or if the sale is under $15 they take a flat fee of $2.95. They do all the tax figuring, get a postage Priority USPS label, and have an easy to use platform. I am able to communicate with buyers and sellers on the app through the comments section on each listing and if something goes wrong Poshmark is there to help. For example, say you buy a dress and the seller never ships it. On Poshmark, if the seller doesn’t ship in within a certain time frame (5 days) you can cancel the sale and your money is refunded to you. This could happen for a number of reasons. And as a seller, money is not released to you until the customer accepts the order. After it is delivered the customer has 3 days to notify the seller and Poshmark of any problems or issues. If the customer doesn’t accept the order on the 4th day, Poshmark will automatically release payment to the Seller.
I prefer to use the Poshmark app on my phone instead of the computer, so I will be sharing how to buy & sell using the app.

Selling on Poshmark

I find selling on Poshmark as easy as using Instagram. But first a few tips!

  • Photos
    • Take clear and consistent photos of your pieces. 
    • I use the same wall in all my images.
    • Note in the photos and in the description any damage or wear, better to have informed buyers than upset buyers.
    • Steam or wash pieces before photographing so buyers have an accurate idea of the item.
    • Always photograph each side of the piece and the tag for authenticity. If you are selling a bag ,always photograph the handles, inside of the bag, and the bottom.
    • When selling shoes always include images of the soles.
  • Description
    • Include Brand, Size, Color
    • Describe the fit or style, include if snaps or zippers work, and if you have had it mended or tailored in any way.
    • Add measurements if it will help, particularly for length of necklaces, bracelets, or bags sizes.
    • Always include if your home is pet friendly and if it a smoking or non smoking environment. There is nothing worse than buying something used and realizing it comes from a home with cats and you are allergic to cats.
    • Remind your customers if you offer bundles and what that discount is.

When titling your pieces, even though you will list the brand later on, it is a good practice to list it here as well. Much of the information in the description can be taken from the original brands website, so you don’t have to come up with it. Be direct and honest. Customers will appreciate all the information you can give.

EUC – excellent used condition
NWT – new with tag
NWOT – new without tag

A good rule of thumb is to price pieces at least 10% lessthan what you purchased it for. If you do not want offers of any kind, please let your customers know by saying that in the description.

Once your item is listed, time to share it with your audience. You can share with your followers on Poshmark and to your social accounts. Poshmark will notify you of folks who are “liking” your piece, who have shared your piece, and who is following your closet.

Be sure to thank those people sharing your piece by sharing theirs. This is a huge part of the Poshmark community. On Poshmark they also have “Posh Parties” with themes that are very specific, like Petite Sized, Children, or Plus Sized. Others are generic and open to all products. Get your pieces in front of more people by sharing your pieces and your followers pieces to these Posh Parties. 

Once your item has sold, it is time to pack and ship! Poshmark will email you when an item sells with a shipping label. You can put your items in any Priority USPS packaging and ship it out. Personally, I wrap all my pieces in tissue paper and include a note to my customer thanking them for the purchase. After placing your item in a box (wrapped or not), add the shipping label and drop off at any USPS. Simple as that!

Buying on Poshmark

Follow brands you love! Here are a few I follow: Pendleton, ABLE, Sseko Designs, Nisolo, TOMS, 31 Bits, Lotta from Stockholm, James Avery, The North Face, etc.

Set your sizes and only see the pieces that will fit you! You can view all sizes at any time by tapping the funnel in the top right and then tapping the Size option and then My Size to remove the check mark and then APPLY. Inside those filters you can also limit categories to see. For example, instead of WOMEN | ALL, you can tap and see only Accessories, Bags, Dresses, and so on. 

When you find something you like and want to save to buy or just mull over it, tap the heart and it will be saved to your Likes so you can find them later. Heads up! Buyer pays for shipping. When a seller makes an offer to you for a lower rate they HAVE to offer cheaper shipping, which they pay. So if you see an offer on a piece you like with free or reduced shipping, get it while you can!

So you found something on Poshmark you want to add to your closet. Congrats! Ask questions to the seller, ask about zippers and snaps, if there is any damage, size or fit, and condition. If you want to see something, better ask for more images.

If you think it is a fair price hit that BUY NOW button on the bottom right in blue. If you want to see if you can get a better price, hit the OFFER button next to it. I always make an offer. ALWAYS. Sometimes it gets declined, sometimes I get a counter offer, and sometimes they accept. It depends on the Seller. Don’t make an offer more than 25% of the listed price. A reasonable offer is 10-25% off the listed price. If someone sent me an offer for that Sseko Bucket tote for $25, I’d decline it in a heart beat. But a $75 offer, I might consider it and end up countering with an $80 offer. When some list on Poshmark the goal to sell at any price, for me, I want a fair price so I can buy new things for my wardrobe.

I generally buy pieces priced at 25-50% less than it’s original price. For example, I have bought a few pairs of Sseko Designs sandals on Poshmark and I haven’t spent more than $25 on any of them. This is about 50-60% less than buying new, and 3 of those 4 were brand new, never worn.

After accepting an offer or buying that thing you had your eyes on, it is time to wait – as patiently as you can. You will be charged for your item but the Seller won’t have access to the money until you accept it. It is for this reason, I feel very comfortable buying and selling on Poshmark. Once your item arrives, give it a good look over. Check for any damage and make sure you LOVE it! If there is an issue, notify Poshmark and the Seller immediately on the app. If not, accept the package and release the funds to your Seller.

No buying or selling platform is perfect by any stretch but as someone who doesn’t want to get scammed, and sell pieces safely, I find Poshmark to be the ideal platform for what I am doing. Want to get started on Poshmark yourself? Use code STYLISHLYSHELBY when you sign up and get $10 off your first purchase! And I get $10 when your first purchase arrives!

Happy shopping! And be sure to follow my Poshmark Closet here:

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