Mindfulness | Favorite things about Fall

Happy first day of fall, and it feels extra significant this year because we have made it through another season of 2020. (Is this year ever going to end?) The list of things to love about fall are long, but I would love to hear which of these are also on you list!

PS: bring on apple cider in the evening, candles that smell like you’ve been baking all day, warm layers, and all the cool mornings.

Bring on outfits with colors of cranberry, pumpkin spice and evergreen. Fall is the season when off-white becomes oatmeal, navy is midnight blue, and deep shades of purple evoke the yumminess of eggplant. Not to mention my favorite shade of yellow an earthy grounded mustard which goes with everything so beautifully!

Cool Mornings & Warm Coffee 
I’d rather be cool than hot. I love the tradition of having coffee especially when it warms my bones on a cool day. And a good cup of coffee with a little bit of cinnamon or cardamom makes fall mornings so much cozier! I learned a while back that to keep my coffee hot longer, you should warm up your cream. Since I use half & half I microwave it for 30 seconds. Once warm, I use a whisk and froth it up before adding it to my coffee, I feel like I have a coffeeshop made drink that looks and tastes amazing and stays warm longer!

Layers, scarves, sweaters
I may be a summer baby but give me layers, cozy sweaters, and warm scarves. Give me layers upon layers, wrapped up in security like a burrito. I may not be a huge fan of scarves but I love what they give an outfit, texture, color, warmth. And with the pandemic still here, expect lots more scarves, wrapped up around our faces this fall and winter. 

the newness of the season
Fall invites wonder to me. Wonder about new possibilities, embrace what I have and to openly let go of things that cause me pain or hurt. Fall reminds me of back to school, when I was little I thought the new year began in August/September because that was when school started. I didn’t quiet understand why the new year began in the middle of winter after Christmas break. I prefer academic calendars for this reason. Fall says to me, “Summer is over, let’s try something new. New styles, new smells, new experiences, new ways of being.” Summer feels loose and free, without schedules or commitments, fall feels organized and assembled in a way that invites you into a rhythm of life.

What do you love about fall? Is it simply the drop in temperatures, a symbolism of normalcy, longer sleeves, or pumpkin spice everything? maybe it is a little bit of all of them? Perhaps you dislike fall in all it’s plaid and coziness and prefer warm summer days, if so I’m sorry somewhere out there a beach is calling your name.

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