Wear it Wednesday | Layering Jewelry

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Layering jewelry has been a trend on the runway for a few years now, but it is now being incorporated by more and more women in their day to day lives. While there is no “wrong” way to do much in fashion, it helps to have a few guidelines to feel confident when trying this trend for the first time. So I’m sharing tips on layering necklaces, stacking rings, and creating a stacked bracelet look. This is a fun way to create new looks without having to buy anything new, although I am going to link to a few sites with pieces I love just for layering!

When layering necklaces, the metals you choose aren’t nearly as important as the chain lengths. Start with a choker length necklace, like the heart to heart necklace from Noonday Collection  and then reach for something a little longer perhaps like the Elle Necklace from Sela Designs. To make a layered necklace really dramatic finish with a long pendant necklace, like the Zoe necklace, which I am swooning over! Chose from chains, to pendants, and charm necklaces. Consider the visual weight of pieces individually and collectively, if you want to tip toe into this I recommend a 2-3 dainty chains of varying lengths, and details. You can even buys sets now that have coordinated necklaces to make it easier to do this! Will you start with something simple like a choker necklace or a pendant style?

Stacking rings is an easy way to take simple and almost minimalist rings to a dramatic level, adding stones, chains, and solid rings.  For a beginners look, add one midi ring to a finger with or without another ring. As when choosing necklaces consider the visual weight, try adding a thinner or daintier ring with something a little wider. Like the Mini Infinity Ring & the Brooklyn Bridge ring together from AU-Rate. I also love the look of the Open Link Ring paired between 2 Mini Infinity rings for the illusion of a broader ring. If you are married, you may already have stacked rings in the form of an engagement ring & a wedding band, get creative on how you can try this without using those 2 rings!

A fun stack of bracelets are a stylish way to finish your look with a minimal necklace and simple rings. Begin with a few thin bracelets together, like the Ethic Goods bracelet from Shop Wearwell  is one of my favorite to layer with. I also love to add one leather cuff, both the braided one and the 3 strand one are from Flourish Leather Co or this layered leather cuff from Sseko which is similar and a bangle like the Brave Bracelet from Sseko Designs. Do you have some easy to layer bracelets to try this trend? Keep in mind if you work on a computer to avoid chunky and loose bracelets that will bang around through out the day as you work!

5 thoughts on “Wear it Wednesday | Layering Jewelry

  1. I’m a huge fan of layering jewelry. It’s so hard to just pick a few, yknow? I’m OBSESSED with these dainty rings!

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