Wear It Wednesday | Sweaters & Tights

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It is the time of year to pull out all your warm and cozy sweaters, I love fall for knits and layered looks especially those with pull-over sweaters and tights. A few years ago my husband gave me wool tights, and I have loved wearing them! Perfect for our cold winters here in Colorado and significantly warmer than denim!

So, how to wear sweaters…well if you find sweaters itchy I recommend wearing a base layer like a long sleeve cotton knit top. I prefer Pact Apparel Long sleeve tees, they are breathable and slim fitting perfect to pair under a sweater. Sweaters especially with a wool or acrylic fabrication will be warmer than a cotton sweater. But I find acrylic uncomfortably itchy, not to mention that this petroleum-based fiber is not biodegradable. Wool on the other hand is sustainable in that it can be returned to the earth. Please know you cannot be allergic to wool, if you find it uncomfortable to wear you either have very sensitive skin or are allergic to the lanolin that coats wool fibers. Even warmer than wool is cashmere, I scored a cashmere sweater at a clothing swap last year and it is not only warm but so soft! Look on sites like Poshmark or ThredUp for wool and cashmere sweaters for the cooler season, buying secondhand will be significantly cheaper and keep you stylish on a budget!

Tights are a lifesaver for Dressember in Colorado and if you haven’t invested in a good pair of wool tights for the colder months I highly recommend that you do! Fiber content is paramount when choosing warm pieces for freezing cold days, while cotton is lovely for most of the year, it has a high level of breathability is not so desirable when it is 20 degrees and snowing. If it is especially cold, I have no issues layering wool/cotton blended socks on over my wool tights to pair with boots.

Sweaters & Tights are essential layering pieces to have a largely year round wardrobe, I wear many of my dresses, skirts, and tops into the colder months because I have the abilty to layer sweaters over and tights under much of the pieces I own. If you plan to wear wool tights with your dresses and skirts this fall and winter, I recommend investing in a slip to prevent friction and the gradually hiking up of your outer layer!

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