Indulge in Fall with Artisan Made pieces from Globe In

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2020 has me rethinking the way I celebrate things. Every little accomplishment deserves a reward, a small pat on the back to say, “You did the thing!” What better way to reward yourself than with a little indulgence like cake and pretty artisan-made peices to make the occasion extra special!

1. Hand-painted Mini Cake Stand, India  ($40) 
Measurements: 9″ D x 7″ H; fits 7″ D cake.
Materials: Indian mango wood and glass.
Care Instructions:  Hand wash recommended.
Country of Origin:  India.

Ravinder Verma is a reminder that our hobbies can flourish into careers that we can enjoy wholeheartedly. Initially, Ravinder learned how to glass paint as a fun hobby while he studied in school. But when his family needed his support, he decided to quit his studies and focus on painting as a career instead. 

Soon after, Ravinder found employment with Noah’s Ark and has been with the company for about 3 years now. You can catch him arriving early to the workshop everyday on his motorbike, ready to get to the day’s work. When he is not enjoying a day’s worth of art work, you can find him relaxing at home in front of the television or lending a hand at the family temple. Ravinder, we can feel the love put into the Mini Cake Stand and we can’t wait to share it with our loved ones.

2. Olivewood Oven Rack Pull, Tunisia  ($18) 
Measurements:  13.75”L.
Materials: Olivewood.
Care Instructions:  Hand wash and polish with food safe oil.
Country of Origin:  Tunisia.

Meet Lotfi, who has worked with Natural OliveWood for the past 4 years. He is the head wood cutter who takes the raw tree branches and gives them their first shape. Larger branches are made into cutting boards and need to be sliced into long thin rectangular slabs. Smaller branches are used to make small bowls, dishes, etc. Lotfi’s superior woodworking skills and eye for design allows him to determine what final shape each branch will produce and execute that shape with precision, not unlike Michelangelo, the Italian sculptor who could see the finished piece in a raw block of marble before even picking up his chisel! It’s clear to see why Lotfi is so highly valued at Natural Olivewood.

Lotfi comes from a big family of highly-skilled people, whether that’s working with steel, catching the best fish, or carving wood. They live in the beautiful town of Sfax in Tunisia, which is full of similarly skilled and talented artisans and craftspeople.The simple task of pulling your oven rack out has just been made easier all thanks to Lofti!

3. Cake Topper Banner, India ($8) 
Measurements: 10″ W x 8.5″ H.
Materials: Indian handmade papers made from cotton.
Country of Origin:  India.

Meet Azhar Begh, aka Bunty, a talented paper crafter who works for Matr Boomie! Azhar has been learning the art of paper craft for nearly half his life and this experience is reflected in the beautiful work he produces and the passion with which he approaches his projects. He loves learning in general, whether it is something new about paper craft or about other people. He came from a different cultural and religious background than many of his coworkers, but through their shared artistic passions they have become like an extended family, on top of Azhar’s already large and wonderful family! It is impossible not to love the work you do when you are surrounded by supportive and wonderful people.

One of the items Azhar and his coworkers create for GlobeIn are recipe cards! These consist of little printed paper buntings hanging on a cotton cord (get why his nickname is Bunty??). All of the paper used in these products is made by hand. This is done first by recycling cotton textile scraps collected as waste from the local textile industry; these scraps are then turned into a pulp and converted to paper through a particular process. This process has been passed down for hundreds of years, so it is quite special and unique, and very important to preserve. Once the paper is made, it can then be screen printed, which is also done by hand! As you can probably tell, this whole process requires a great deal of skill that takes some time to learn. Getting to take part in preserving an ancient and beautiful tradition is yet another reason so many artisans like Azhar become so passionate about the art of paper craft.

4. Nutmeg Powder – Fair Trade, India ($6.50) 
Measurements: 20 g.
Care Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.
Country of Origin:  India.

Looking to create a special moment? This Indulgence box is perfect for celebrating a little one’s birthday or congradulating a colleage on a new job opportunity! Or if you’r like me it would make a lovely gift to share with someone who has been through alot this year.

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