Wear It Wednesday | TRC Fair Trade Fall Style Challenge

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Since October is Fair Trade Awareness Month, what better way to celebrate than with a Fair Trade themed Style Challenge hosted by The Root Collective. This 10 day style challenge is a great example of how you don’t need much to create a wardrobe you love and can wear on repeat. Here are a few of the looks I put together during the 10 days with the 3 pairs of The Root Collective pieces, I own.

Day 1 – Summer to Fall
I missed this day of the challenge because I was still on vacation with my parents. So I created this look later to share with you here.

Top is a refashioned dress, Denim is ABLE, Shoes are from TRC

Day 2 – Date Night
With the pandemic, date night looks different for a lot of folks, but we are mostly homebodies to begin with so date night usually means snuggling up on the couch and watching a movie.

Earrings are from Lemonade Boutique by Starfish Project, Top is from Elegantees, Leggings are from Pact Apparel, Shoes are from TRC

Day 3 – Unexpected Matches
I don’t own a ton of prints, instead, I focused on how I as a ‘petite’ person have been told what I can and cannot wear based on my height. One of those things is midi length skirts and dresses, if it falls below your knee it will make you look shorter and why would you want to look shorter? Well, I fervently disagree with that. I love wearing midi length pieces like this Elegantees dress I bought for Dressember last year.

Scarf is from Stitch Fix, Dress is from Elegantees, Shoes are from TRC

Day 4 – Add a Layer
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a denim jacket is a perfect layer for fall.

Denim jacket is from my dad, Top is from The Good Tee, Skirt is Thrifted LL Bean, Boots are from TRC

Day 5 – Bright & Bold
I don’t describe my style or the colors I am drawn too as bright or bold, but the pop of scarlet red from my TRC flats are bright and bold when the rest of my outfit is neutral!

Dress is from Elegantees (thrifted from Poshmark), Shoes are TRC

Day 6 – Inspired by Pinterest
As a stylist, inspiration from Pinterest is necessary when I feel my creative well going dry for myself or my clients. I had not pulled all these pieces together from my closet before and I really loved how they turned out!

Day 7 – On the Go Style
I am a dog mom, therefore I am always on the go. Going on walks, going to the park, or going on a car ride to get my favorite guy out of the house for a little while. This is a go-to look when I am always going!

Earrings are from Lemonade Boutique by Starfish Project, Bag is ABLE, Reusable Water Bottle is HydroFlask, Jacket is Sseko Designs, Denim is No End Denim, Boots are from TRC

Day 8 – Someone else picked your outfit
Travis loves this wrap front Maxi dress that I bought from Elegantees last year, so we added my denim jacket and he picked my yellow Gabby Flats to pair with it. To be fair I had pre-selected a few pieces for him to chose from because I really didn’t want to end up wearing all the patterns in my closet.

Denim jacket is from my dad, Dress from Elegantees, and Shoes from TRC

Day 9 – Denim Day
How much denim is too much? Obviously, that is a trick question because you can never have too much denim! 

Denim from Target, Bracelets from Aid through Trade, Bag from Sseko Designs

Day 10 – Cozy Up for Fall
What better way to complete the challenge than with my favorite cozy pieces from ethical fashion brands?

Sweater & Jacket from Stitch Fix, Denim from ABLE, Shoes by TRC

The Root Collective is a people focused company that makes ethically made fashion accessories like flats, ankle boots, bags, and tall leather boots. Working with artisans in Guetamala using traditional techniques and materials, The Root Collective makes comfortable, stylish, heritage made pieces that will last for years to come! Shop The Root Collective, now!

Huey loves them too!

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