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Since we’ve taken to cooking at home more often it is important to us to have flavorful food and umami is the key to yummy & flavorful food!

3-Piece Ceramic Sake Set – Nepal
Measurements: Decanter – 5″H x 3.5″Dia; Cup – 2″H x 2.25″Dia
Materials: Ceramic
Care Instructions: Hand-wash recommended
Country of Origin: Nepal

Meet the Maker | The Newar village of Thimi is the biggest and best known pottery village in Nepal. The historical city of Thimi is also known as the main settlement of Prajapatis, a special clan of indigenous pot makers who are well-known within and beyond Nepal as expert artists. Thimi Ceramics was founded in 1985 by Santa Bahadur Prajapati with unglazed traditional pottery for the daily household use for local people.

In 1987, Santa Bahadur started earthenware ceramics with [the] help of his two sons Santa Kumar Prajapati and Laxmi Kumar Prajapati. Elder son Santa Kumar received the opportunity to travel to the United States for training and research in stoneware ceramics for 3 years. After his studies Santa Kumar returned to Nepal in 2004 and trained Thimi Ceramics on how to make stoneware ceramics. Because of his efforts, Thimi is now the pioneer of stoneware ceramics in Nepal.

Today, Thimi ceramics employs 20 artisans. GlobeIn’s artisan partner, Sana Hastakala, has worked with Thimi Ceramics to develop Fair Trade exports since 2004, providing the group with design and marketing aid. Sana Hastakala also provides them with interest-free loans, business development training, and technical support for productivity.

Suggested use: Fill the decanter with your favorite sake, soju, libation, or tea then serve in the mini shot cup and make a toast with loved ones. Cheers!

Handcarved Neem Wood Sushi Set – India
Measurements: Tray – 8″W x 4″D x 1″H; Bowl – 2″Dia x 1″H; Chopsticks – 9″L
Materials: Neem wood
Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended
Country of Origin: India  

Meet the Maker | Your new Sushi Set is carefully carved and crafted by Tarun Singha, who has been a master bone & wood artisan for the last 32 years. Not only is Tarun a master artisan, but he is also an excellent businessman. His experience in different workshops, ranging from corporate and government, at a young age allowed him to gain the knowledge and network that was required for him to branch out on his own. Not long after, his family joined in on the venture, including his wife Jharna. Both Tarun and Jharna’s leadership has turned a small crafty affair into a large, empowering environment that supports artisans, the community, and their families.

Currently, Tarun’s workshop, PN Horn & Wood Industry, employs 26 artisans — 14 women and 12 men. The Singha power couple has made so much progress in their business and community that they have been recipients of government awards a whopping 8 times! They know that they could not have done this on their own without their family and artisan community. Their team works very closely together as a family and often enjoys having picnics together, especially around holidays like Viswa Karma, Puja, and Dussera. Thank you Tarun for putting so much love and effort into our new sushi set, we love it too!

Suggested use: Place your favorite dipping sauces in each bowl, like soy sauce, wasabi, and ponzu. The indented holders will keep your chopsticks in place while you dine.

Bamboo Sushi Roller, India
Measurements: 9.5″W x 9″H
Materials: Bamboo & string
Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended
Country of Origin: India

Meet the Makers | Think of all the loved ones you get to share your wonderful craft with when you are making sushi with your new sushi roller. That’s what Parveen and Shehnaz get to experience each day, whether at work or at home. Parveen and Shehnaz are sister-in-laws and they do everything together. Everything they do is for each other and for their families. Both even have children around the same age that go to school together. Together, their large family is 15 people with their father-in-law as head of the family. They eat together, celebrate together, and have lots of fun at festivals together. Everything is done in unison so no one is left behind. Talk about inseparable!

Parveen and Shehnaz’s workday starts around 12:30 pm after they finish their housework. They head to the fields to collect twigs, which are then washed and dried in the sun for many days in order to get a slightly burnt result. The twigs are then cut into appropriate sizes and weaved together with cotton. Their workday ends around 6:30 pm and they head home to make dinner for their families together. It is amazing to see such a bond between sisters (in-laws) and we can see how Parveen and Shehnaz hold their families together like the strings holding your sushi roller together. Enjoy!

Suggested use: To reduce rice or seaweed from sticking to the bamboo roller, place the sushi roller in a large gallon freezer bag, then roll away.

Jade Pearl Rice
Measurements: 15 oz
Ingredients: Organic White Rice, Bamboo Extract

Elevate your at home sushi game with this incredible artisan-made subscription box from Globe In!

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