Wear it Wednesday | Dressember 2020

We are a mere 2 weeks away from the start of Dressember! This year is my 7th year participating in Dressember and my fundraising goal is $700! It is still a small goal but an exciting one, considering I surpassed my fundraising goal last year!

What is Dressember?

By participating in Dressember,  you directly impact the fight to prevent, intervene, and protect the lives of trafficking victims and survivors worldwide. Funds raised through Dressember provide the means to create and build new and innovative programs. Here are some of the ways your generosity is changing lives: Prevention, Intervention, Protection.

They carefully vet these programs every year across the US and across the world to provide a continuum of care for victims and survivors of trafficking. The Dressember Grant Advisory Committee is made up of survivor leaders and experts in the anti-trafficking field. Below are grant partners Dressember is collaborating with to combat human trafficking around the globe.

IJM ijm.org
A21 a21.org
BEST (Business ending slavery & trafficking) bestalliance.org
CAST (Coalition to abolish slavery & trafficking) castla.org
Love146 love146.org
Olive Crest olivecrest.org
anti-slavery network https://www.antislavery.org/
Youth Spark youth-spark.org
Truckers against Trafficking https://truckersagainsttrafficking.org/
Restore restorenyc.org
Pathfinders pathfindersmke.org
The Freedom Story https://thefreedomstory.org/
Willow International willowinternational.org
The Human Trafficking Institute https://www.traffickinginstitute.org/

Over the last few years, participating in Dressember has given me a place to channel my love of fashion with an awareness campaign. To help tell the story of how we buy can in fact change the world, and that women & girls are equally capable to contributing to a nations economic growth if given the chance. When we end slavery, we make our world a better place by creating stronger communities and more equitable world for all.

Things to know about Dressember

You don’t need a lot of dresses or ties. One year, I wore the same dress everyday for the entire month. I washed it in the evenings and hung to dry ready for the next day in it! I have also worn a few select dresses, like a capsule, for an entire month, which is a fun way to change it up while using more of your wardrobe. Some participants wear outfit themed looks through out the month to increases donations, and some even wear their wedding dresses! In the past, I’ve done a giveaway each week of Dressember, and I’ve worn 31 days of dresses including on my days off! I don’t have any big plans for 2020 Dressember because if 2020 has taught us anything it is to plan things with plenty of margin. So, my only goal for 2020 is to wear dresses, stay warm, and fundraise with passion!

While you are encouraged to wear a dress, if you are a male or if you want to try something new, you can opt for a tie everyday instead. (working on having my husband do this one this year!) 😉

While wearing dresses or ties is the style challenge, wearing one to work is not required especially if it interferes with your uniform. And you don’t have to wear one while at home or working out, which is why a full 31 days of dresses is actually quite hard! The general idea is to wear a dress or a tie anytime YOU get to decide what you are going to wear.

I hope you’ll decide to participate this year in Dressember, either by dressing up in a dress or a tie every day, donating to my campaign, or telling a friend about what I’m doing and why it is important!

Check out my fundraising page, HERE

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