2020 Ethical Holiday Gift Guide | Accessories & Jewelry

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If you feel that buying clothes for someone is too nerve wrecking for you, which it is for me, accessories are a great way to gift something to someone’s wardrobe without as much pressure. So, this gift guide includes ethical accessory gift ideas for men and women and no worries, there will be a kids gift guide is coming December 4th!

These brands are in no particular order, if you are looking for something not on the list be sure to comment below and I’ll do my best to send you an ethical option!

Jewelry, Gifts, Bags

AU rate


Ethically sourced recycled gold, designed and crafted in NYC with a polished and trend forward pieces for elevating your style. Their elegant stud earrings are on my wishlist this holiday season, easy to wear with a mask, wear with multiple piercings, and still look stunning for working from home or grabbing coffee with a friend. Stay stylish with these ethically made gold stud earrings! Pieces featured: Deco Fan Earrings, X earrings, Tribar Earrings Jacket

Sseko Designs

Jewelry, Bags, Scarves

I am a long time fan of Sseko Designs, and wear several pieces from their unique collections. Sseko employs high achieving young women in Uganda working towards going to university during their 9 month gap year. I especially love their leather half moon clutch, wallets, and their Brave Jewelry line which is a great gift! Their He for She line, is perfect for the guys in your life! Pieces featured: Bucket Bag, Mens Slim Wallet, Brave Necklace & charms, Half Moon Clutch

Pela Vision


100% Biodegradable sunglasses that you can wear as sunglasses or swap out the lenses for blue light filtering lenses for protecting your eyes while staring at a screen while working from home! I don’t know about you but I wear my sunglasses more in the winter because of the snow than I usually do in the summer.

Shore Bags

Cotton Canvas & Jute Bags, Accessories

I was recently introduced to Shore Bags, these timeless cotton canvas & natural jute bags are perfect for traveling, work, and weekend. Monogram-able and classic in style for women of all ages. I love my Bazaar Tote for the grocery store, and the jewelry roll is perfect for holiday travel! Shore Bags creates sustainable biodegradable products that help reduce the negative human impact on the environment, provide opportunities to women in underserved communities and add value to everyday life. Pieces featured: Bazaar Tote Bag, Jewelry Roll, All in Pouch with wristlet.

Daria Day


Daria Day jewelry is ethically sourced and exquisitely handcrafted. We are deeply committed to elevating the lives of the artisans who create each piece. Daria Day works with a group of local miners to source our gemstones and silver. They are closely affiliated with the Rupani Foundation, an NGO that has created a rigorous testing process and ensures our gemstones are of the highest quality. Each design begins as a concept by our founder, Farrukh Lalani and is handcrafted as a limited edition design by our artisans in Northern Pakistan. Each piece of jewelry comes with a product card so you can learn more about the artisan that created the piece and the origin of the gemstone and share in their story. And because each piece is handcrafted, no two pieces are alike, making each Daria Day jewelry piece special. Pieces featured: Joyful Spirit Gemstone bracelet, Healing Power Multi-Gemstone Mala, Moonlite Lapis Drop Earrings (long), Prowess Black Jasper Bracelet


Jewelry, Bags, Scarves

Local & Global, ABLE is on a mission to empower women locally in Nashville and globally. They employ women overcoming homelessness in Nashville to make their jewelry so you can look good and feel good about the pieces you are wearing or gifting! Able also has apparel and shoes for women, check them out on the Apparel Ethical Holiday Shopping Guide! Pieces featured: Crossbody bag, Silk Scarf, Letter Necklace

Sela Designs


Sela Designs are handmade jewelry pieces by Ashleigh in Wisconsin. She donates 100% of Sela’s profits to charitable organizations because she feels called to use this business as a source of generous giving. Sela Designs believes in your power as a consumer to change the world through your purchases. And that in the worth of every human being, and that when we come together, through small daily steps, we can stop human trafficking in our communities, provide a home for every orphan, and break the cycles of generational poverty. Pieces featured: Rory Earrings, Zoe Necklace, Cora earrings

Ash & Rose

Boutique; accessories & jewelry

description. All of Ash & Rose’s jewelry is handmade, either made in USA or fair trade. Ash & Rose also has a wonderful variety of apparel for women, check them out on the Apparel Ethical Holiday Shopping Guide! Pieces featured: Alpaca Scarf, Casey Vegan Tote Set, Maritza Embroidered Belt.

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  1. Love this post I will definitely have to check Pela vision out. Thanks for the informative post, i’ve followed you and can’t wait to see your next post! xxxx

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