2020 Ethical Holiday Gift Guide | Home Goods

This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family. Not all links are affiliate links.

Buying a gift for someone’s home is especially meaningful to me, because I am very particular of the items I choose to display and use in my home. I live my life with the assumption that others are the same way. Some of these pieces are purely for aesthetics, others incredibly useful because we all use sheets & towels!

These brands are in no particular order, if you are looking for something not on the list be sure to comment below and I’ll do my best to send you an ethical option!

Gifts for Home

Balthazar & Rose

Foutas, Soap, & Hand Towels

Since the pandemic began we’ve all been washing our hands more often, or at least you should be! And these artisan-made soaps support local artisan communities and clean your hands. I find these soaps dry out my hands less. I particularly love Balthazar & Rose’s foutas, these 100% cotton hand woven foutas are incredibly soft and versatile. Use as a towel, pack as a lightweight blanket while traveling, or wear as an oversized scarf. It’s always in my suitcase for when I travel!

Pact Apparel

Bedding & Towels

100% organic sateen cotton for the silkiest, sheets that resist wrinkling. They come in sets with fitted, flat, and 2 pillow cases and don’t forget to get a coordinating duvet cover to complete your bedroom or your guest room! These fair trade certified sheets bring your values into the bedroom.

Noonday Collection

Home Accessories

Noonday Collection is one the pioneer ethical fashion brands and began as a fundraiser for families looking to adopt and today Noonday supports hundreds of artisans across the globe. There hand-made pom pom wreaths sold out in record time last year and are all completely unique a great gift for a friend who loves to celebrate beauty all year long. Grab a candle for a hard to buy for friend and pair it with a cozy scarf perfect to staying warm this winter.

Globe In

Kitchen & Decor

Globe In partners with over 11,000 artisans in 50+ countries around the globe and delivers them to your door, they have individual pieces that are ready to ship or sign up for a monthly subscription to be delivered monthly for that person on your holiday list!


Pillows, Blankets, Rugs, Table Linens, Throw Blankets & Baskets

Zuahaza was founded by Tatiana Ordoñez in 2019 in Bogota, Colombia. In 2018, Tatiana made a trip to Charalá to learn about the rich history of cotton growing, spinning and weaving in this region. During her trip, she met with Corpolienzo, a cooperative of artisans. They decided to create a new line of textiles, born of the artisans’ extensive knowledge and of Tatiana’s desire to share creative, innovative textiles with the global market.
Zuahaza means “my sister” in the Muisca language of the people who lived in the Cundiboyacense mountain region of Colombia. As a social enterprise, Zuahaza strives to embody collective sisterhood between women in Colombia.

Net Zero

Sustainable Kitchen & Home

While it seems like a strange gift these sustainable gifts are perfect for someone wanting to begin their own sustainable journey. Perfect for the home chef, mom’s who want plastic free snack containers for kids, and anyone that works towards less plastic.

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