Mindfulness | Cultivating a Gratitude Mindset

Cultivating a gratitude mindset does not happen over night it is a lifestyle you chose, to be grateful doesn’t mean you don’t see the negative or feel upset. It means when you do, you have a way of remembering the good things and are able to recenter yourself.

When you have a gratitude mindset you can focus on the opportunities available in business and life, because you already appreciate what you have. When you are grateful you choose to focus on the positive things in life rather than the negative things.

Having a gratitude practice means on hard days, you can look back on your list of things your are grateful for. It’s kind of like writing out a prayer. Looking back it can help you see how you have grown and changed even when it feels like the world is standing still. You can develop a gratitude practice for your personal life as well as in your business life or in your education.

Create a Gratitude Practice:
  1. practice gratitude daily
    1. journal or list out things you are grateful for
  2. share your gratitude of others in your life
    1. how are you grateful for co-workers, friends, and family? Share with them what you appreciate about them. 

 Each month in my journal I keep a list of things I am grateful for, my goal is to write down one thing a day. Sometimes, I have many and others I am simply grateful for the day to end and for us to have a roof over our heads. Over time, I have found the things I am grateful for are obvious, simple, and homely. Extravagance doesn’t make the list.

Being grateful feels harder in 2020, but having a gratitude practice and developing a gratitude mindset can help you see the blessings all around you.

So, take 5 minutes, set the timer on your phone and write down everything you are grateful for. Then I want you to tape that list to the fridge, leave on your bedside table, or put on your bathroom mirror, essentially somewhere where you will see it everyday for a week. When you think of something new, add it to the list. 

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