Wear it Wednesday | Travel Capsule Wardrobe & Family Photos

Last week, I shared about how I packed a capsule wardrobe for a one week trip back to Texas for Thanksgiving. Wearing a capsule wardrobe meant rewearing pieces, which doesn’t bother me but the world is constantly telling us to constantly be wearing new things, and rewearing pieces is some how shameful?

In my original capsule I only included 2 pair of denim and throughout my week in Texas I simply rotated between my 2 pairs of jeans and only wore my skirt for our family photos. Since I didn’t want to wear my skirt all day on Wednesday, the day we celebrated Thanksgiving, I wore my jeans and shoes and just brought my skirt with me for photos. I also brought my fancy earrings for photos, my sister warned me not to wear them while holding my niece and I didn’t need much of a warning because she was holding on to my hair for dear life each time I held her.

I didn’t end up wearing my dress at all and my 2 layers; a cardigan coat & pullover sweatshirt were perfect for the mild Texas weather. I had orginally planned to take my denim jacket and decided at the last minute to swap it out. Since we were at my parents for the week, a denim jacket felt too, ready to leave the house and we didn’t leave very much. A cardigan was more casual and less formal than the denim jacket.

For family photos, I sent my mom and sister the color palette. They made sure everyone they were responsible for, mostly men, were dressed accordingly. I decided on a spot in my parent’s backyard which conveniently had lovely afternoon light and backed up the golf course which made for fabulous pictures and we didn’t have to go far!

While I can take credit for the location, outfit colors, and groupings of people, my dear friend Kendra took all these photos. The original plan was to use my tripod and remote but Kendra came to spend the day with us and volunteered to help out! She did a fabulous job and they were so easy to edit! Wishing she lived closer to take my IG & blog pictures!

However you spent your Thanksgiving, I hope it was peaceful and restful.

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