Wear It Wednesday | Halfway through 2020 Dressember

Dressember is off to an AMAZING start! My goal this year is another 31 days in dresses, last year I opted for not getting dressed while I was at home plus I got the flu and basically it felt like I took a week off, this time I want to get dressed everyday because despite COVID19 I want to get dressed everyday.

Here are my first half of Dressember looks, including my super fun attempt at Fancy Friday!

A few trends have emerged in these first 15 days, such as I love layering dresses with my mock neck ASTOR top from Elegantees, topping dresses with sweaters on cold days, and when I stay home I am almost always wearing my cheetah house shoes which don’t look like house shoes so that is convenient! So far I’ve raised $512 of my $700 goal! When I reach my goal I will switch to wearing ties for a week, which sounds like fun but I genuinely don’t know how to tie a tie…

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