Mindfulness | Before the Craziness of Christmas

It’s the Monday before Christmas, my friends. 

I’m just letting that sink in. We keep the holidays small at our house, it’s me and my husband and sometimes we have family in town otherwise it’s just the two of us. And in the past my husband has worked on Christmas so small is our go-to.

As the holiday gets closer, I am reminded of the things I am truly grateful for; our jobs, the roof over our heads, the ability I have to work from home, our families, how much the blog has grown this year, the ability to go home over thanksgiving, and our wonderful church community.

Alternative Gift Ideas:

  • Gift an experience or trip (post COVID)
  • Hire a photographer for family photos
  • Write a letter to share what you love & appreciate about someone
  • Schedule time to hang out with someone
  • Volunteer
  • Donate to a cause this person finds meaningful

Things to do this holiday season:

  • Bake Holiday Cookies & safely deliver to a friend
  • Send Christmas Cards
  • Write an End of the Year letter/email and send to family & friends
  • Watch your favorite Christmas movie
  • Sing Christmas Carols by the Christmas Tree or Fireplace

What are some of your favorite things to do during the holiday season?

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