2020 Wrap Up

Bye, 2020!
I am not remorseful at the end of this year, I want nothing more than to drown the end of this year in a bottle of champagne listening to Taylor Swift and giving 2020 the finger. I can’t be alone feeling this way.

The number of conversations I have had with my husband about things that happened in the last 12 months that felt like 10 years ago is numerous. Australian wildfires, death of Kobe & Gianna Bryant, weddings, deaths. Travis’ sister was here at Christmas in 2019 in a conversation Travis said she was here in 2018. I told him,“No dear, that was last Christmas.” <face palm>

Christmas 2019

My word for 2020 was ‘Growth’ and honestly after March I threw it all out the window. I think we all did a certain amount of growing in 2020 while at the same time, we did a fair amount of shriveling as well. I did grow Stylishly Shelby by accepting my first 2 paid campaigns (!!) and joining a few new Affiliate programs. 

Pantone’s Color of 2020 was Classic Blue and while we have all been feeling blue in 2020, I don’t think this color will invoke ‘calm, confidence, and connection’ the way Pantone was hoping. Considering I haven’t felt calm or confident in 10 months and we haven’t been able to connect with people, except virtually, in the same amount of time.

In 2020, I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of sending out my monthly newsletter, sign up for it HERE. And although, I started 2020 as a Sseko Fellow I ended that journey in June. I was juggling too many things and needed to let go of something. Thankfully, Travis was able to continue working through the pandemic but it didn’t help his anxiety, or mine.

During the pandemic, I was able to work from home for church and in the office as when it suited me. We did go see TENET in theaters, which I was not feeling confident about but afterwards I would pay to see all movies in the future like that sans mask. No one in front of me, no one behind me, and no one but my husband sitting next to me.

We usually keep celebrations small, we ended up going to Texas for Thanksgiving since we could be there in June when my niece was born. I did end up seeing my parents 3x in 2020, in early May, end of September, and at Thanksgiving. That is probably the most I’ve seen them in a 12 month period since we’ve moved out of state.

Asher turned 10 in November and the kittens were 9 in April, they’ve been enjoying have more people at home time. And Asher has benefited from lots of extra walks when I’ve needed to stretch my legs. Travis and I celebrated 13 years of marriage and we both got a little bit older.

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