Mindfulness | Restful Bedtime Routine

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Beginning after dinner so anywhere between 6 pm and 7 pm, I begin my bedtime routine. While that may seem early beginning to wind down after dinner helps me to fully & completely relax before my head hits the pillow. So, here is may bedtime routine and how I relax at the end of the day.

While I firmly believe that getting dressed helps us to be more productive throughout the day, I also believe putting on our comfy lounge clothes helps us to relax. Before I even begin to make dinner I put on what I call my “home clothes” these are things I only wear at home. Cue a comfy sweatshirt and joggers.

After dinner, Asher and I go on a walk. He has a strict schedule that no matter what I cannot change, it’s good for both of us to move our bodies after eating and it helps us get all the extra energy out from the day.  Beginning around 7:00 pm, I do my end of the day chores, clean up the kitchen & prep things for tomorrow packing lunch, loading the dishwasher, and checking the weather so I can pick out my outfit for the next day. If I’m going to shower, I will jump in and do that here as well. I now that morning vs night shower people love them are different reasons, I like showering at the end of the day because it feels like a massage and pure relaxation. 

Once, I’m done with the end of the day chores & I’ve taken my shower we relax on the couch watching a movie, or binging a show. And on really quiet nights, we listen to music and read or I journal. Part of end of the day routine is having a hot tea, especially in the winter. This is a good time to add Rest Receptra Natural CBD oil to my tea, if I don’t have tea then I will take my CBD oil closer to 9:00 pm.

Around 9:00 pm, I get up and do my last rounds checking the food levels for the cats, if it gets low they are extra annoying at night. If you have cats, you know what I mean. I’ll take Asher out one more time and then I begin my body care routine. I find doing all my body care items about 30 minutes before bed is what ultimately helps me wind down. I start by taking 1 mL of Receptra Naturals Rest CBD oil & washing my face. By taking CBD oil 30-ish minutes before bed it has time to activate before my head hits the pillow. I put the oil under my tongue and let it sit there for 10-20 seconds before taking a small drink of water. I do this first so I can absorb as much of the oil before brushing my teeth. 
Then I run some hot water to steam my face and wash, on evenings I take a shower this step is reduced to wiping my face off and applying moisturizer. I wash my face with Zambeezi organic bar soap, pat dry and then spray on a rose toner from Trader Joe’s that I love, and a moisturizer. My face is very particular and I have found that Aveeno Calming face lotion doesn’t irritate my skin.  After washing and moisturizing my face, I move on to motioning my body with a body cream from Trader Joe’s. It is a small container but it will last me months, I got these from Trader Joe’s before the holidays and always keep them for myself. This might all seem extravagant but it is dry in Colorado so it is important to not only hydrate by drinking lots of water but to properly hydrate your skin. Once I’ve moisturized, I move on to my teeth brushing, occasionally flossing incase my dentist is reading this, and washing out my mouth. I brush with a bamboo toothbrush (get one here) and Toms toothpaste, which I like because it is easy to find, made with organic ingredients, and the tube is recyclable. Instead of using straight mouthwash, I dilute my mouthwash with a little bit of salt water. Swish, Swish, Swish!

Before going to bed around 9:30 or so, I’ll walk through the house one more time. I put Asher to bed, turn off lights, check the doors, and turn on the dishwasher (if I remember). Then I just slide into bed! My husband gets up very early (5 am) so we head to bed early and it has only taken him a year of going to work at 6 am for him to develop his own bedtime routine so we can just get into bed when we are ready!
Having an established routine gives me the structure to take care of my mental health & my physical body. Rest CBD oil helps my mind and my muscles relax so I can get a restful full night of sleep and wake up refreshed.

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