January 2021 Globe In – Melt Artisan Box

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One of my husband’s and my favorite things to do together is to cook. And fondue is also perfect for an easy and fun dinner together, it’s perfect for dipping bread, veggies, and cooked meats! Swap out the cheese for a chocolate fondue and enjoy with fruits! How do you fondue?

1. Terra Cotta Cazuela, India &nbsp ($18) 
Measurements: 6.5″W x 5.75″Dia x 1.75″H
Materials: Terra cotta
Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended
Country of Origin: India

Artisan Story | Mohan Laal Kumhar started his journey as a potter 30 years ago and has since achieved many awards at the local and state levels. The painstaking process behind the Terra Cotta Cazuela starts with refining the clay by removing dust particles for a smoother surface. Raw materials such as sand and mitti-clay or then added to the clay with water to prepare the dough. Here is where Mohan’s master skill gets put into action, by the throwing process on the potter’s wheel.
He places the clay at the center of the wheel, then pedals to rotate the table while he starts to shape the clay into its form. He is constantly separating different parts, then rejoining them back together, while smoothing the outer surface, all while the wheel is rotating – amazing! Once the Terra Cotta Cazuela is formed, it is allowed to dry under the sun for 2-3 before it is fired in the bhatti to retain its shape. Finally, a food-grade lacquer is applied to the dish before it is ready to be shipped to its forever home.
Mohan enjoyed creating the cazuela because it resembled the traditional cooking and serving bowls of his favorite food, Rajasthani food. Rajasthani food primarily consists of lean meat simmered in a gravy-like stew. Terra cotta clay makes the best cooking material because it heats up evenly to simmer foods without burning quickly, even though it may take an extra few minutes to heat up thoroughly. The quality of your food will be taken to new levels with the Terra Cotta Cazuela.

2. Tea Light Candle Warmer, India  ($10) 
Measurements: 6″W x 2.5″H; fits 2″ tea light
Materials: Stainless Steel
Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended
Country of Origin: India

Artisan Story | Twenty years ago when Kumral Hasan first began his career as a craftsman, Kumral lived a primitive lifestyle in the village Bhoor of the Moradabad district of Northwest India. After finding employment with Noah’s Ark twelve years ago, he has since upgraded his lifestyle to middle-class as he increased the size of his home, installed amenities, and sent his three children to school. Kumral is able to take charge of his and his family’s future as he constantly shows a hard work ethic wanting to enhance his metal-working skills and practicing his skills through the large order quantities. The last twelve years of business has allowed Kumral to build and grow his workshop.
Kumral states that he has now achieved everything he has ever wanted as an individual and his next steps are to ensure his children can achieve the same. His dream is to train his children as craftsmen to take over his workshop one day, but if they have a different dream then he is willing to support that too. Kumral is immensely proud that his work is being internationally recognized because it’s allowed him to provide his village with more opportunities, especially the women. Kumral, you are an aspirational leader and we thank you for bringing the Tea Light Candle Warmer into our lives!

3. Handmade Fondue Picks – Set of 6, India ($10)
Measurements: 8″L
Materials: Stainless steel and mango wood
Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended
Country of Origin: India

Artisan Story | I would like you to meet Dilshad Hussain and his brother Danish! Dilshad and Danish are a few of the metal-working artisans. Their father was one of the first artisans working in this skill in Moradabad, India. Dilshad and his brothers, Shamshad and Danish, took up their father’s craft at 15 years of age, but instead of working for a factory, became entrepreneurs and built a Fair Trade studio of their own from the ground up!
At this juncture, our India partner Noah’s Ark supported them with the infrastructure and they needed to start up the business, which has grown to supply nearly a million dollars of product to Fair Trade companies all around the world! With the income they receive from our orders, they are able to provide fair trade wages and safety standards to the full studio of 8 artisans that work with them.
The impact generated from their efforts has been tremendous: the family has moved from a remote village outside of Moradabad, India, to a slightly bigger town nearby where they own the bottom floor of their building as a workshop and the top floor as their home. GlobeIn was able to visit this workshop in the summer of 2019.

4. Windowpane Bread Basket, India ($25)
Measurements: 9″Dia x 5″H
Materials: Kaisa grass
Care Instructions: Wipe clean
Country of Origin: India

5. Handpoured Tea Light Candles – Set of 3, India ($25)
Measurements: 1.5″Dia
Materials: Soy wax and cotton
Country of Origin: India

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