Mindfulness | Productive Workspace

When was the last time you cleaned off your desk? Well, today is a good day to do it. A clean workspace can inspire you to be more productive my removing distractions. And to inspire you with a productive workspace in the office or at home here are a few tips. I tend to keep my workspace very open, contrary to how my husband keeps his workspace. I found that keeping my desk open and empty gives me room to write, spread out, and utilize the space however I need to in order to be productive.

I stopped writing one day and took this picture to show you my real life in real time desk. Camera, Starbucks cup, and tub on the file sorter. #realife
  1. Start with an empty desk and clean with an all purpose cleaner and microfiber towel, spray on towel and never on your electronic devices. Wipe down your desktop as well as your keyboard and mouse/track pad.
  2. Decide what is necessary. For me that means; the iMac, my laptop, and my blog notebook.
  3. Remove clutter from your workspace, this will give you room to spread out and accomplish more. I find when I have too many things on my desk I get easily distracted and then I am frustrated with a lack of space. I have a bookcase next to my desk that houses my desk lamp, file sorter, and essential oil diffuser. I don’t mind that this piece of furniture is more “cluttered” because it keeps my desk clean.
  4. Prepare your desk at the end of the day for the next work day, setting out your calendar or writing out your to do list. After I’m done for the day, I put away all my notebooks and open my planner to the week, we are currently on and take notes of things to accomplish the next day. I put away all my cords and wipe down my desk with a cloth. I put away my cords because I have cats that enjoy chewing them, the number of laptop cords we’ve bought over the years is embarassing. And I wipe down my desk to remove any dust that may have settled throughout the day.

I hope these tips, inspire you to clean off your desk and create a productive refuge for work at your home or office! What are some pieces you keep on your desk?

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