Wear it Wednesday | Styling a Tee-Shirt Dress

The new Comfort collection from Elegantees includes all the pieces I wish I had in March of last year, including this straight fitting tee-shirt dress called the Errand dress. It has cuffed short sleeves, a cute little pocket on the left chest, actual pockets, hemline falls below the knee, and side slits. So, today I am styling 3 ways to show you how versatile this tee-shirt dress is.

Coffee Shop Chic

This is a hipster ready look perfect for grabbing coffee at an indie coffee shop around the corner. I think this look will be on constant rotation this spring! If I had a felt wool hat, I would wear it here to truly encapsulate this look. Crossbody bag for essentials and slide on mules that look super fancy but are in fact just easy to wear, and a denim jacket because it truly does go with everything I own. (thanks dad!) Coordinating your earrings to your reusable cup, not necessary to pull this off, just some confidence and enough caffeine.

Trader Joe’s Shopping Run

Since I stop by TJ’s once a week, this will be a favorite. I opted for my utility jacket because I love the pockets so I don’t have to take my whole bag in. Just add keys, wallet, and phone to pockets and go! Comfortable flats make it comfy while waiting in line and shopping. And don’t forget your mask & reusable shopping bags! Mine is from Shorebags.

Zoom Ready WFH Style

Let’s all be honest who has done the zoom mullet? Business on top, not so much business on bottom! This is my I’m dressed for the meeting but I am totally comfy. Cue, the house shoes or better yet no shoes. Nothing says, “I’m dressed and ready for this meeting,” like dramatic earrings like these Cora leopard earrings from Sela Designs!

Not getting dressed WFH Style

This is my, I don’t have any zoom calls but I have a ton on my to do list. This is my styling, blogging, researching, and scheduling look so long as no one has to see me. Leggings to keep me warm, cause let’s face it Colorado is cold in January & February & most of March…shoes that are easy to wear inside and for walking the pup!

Date Night Ready

While I am not advocating for people to go out and about during the pandemic, I am an advocate on take out. A coat over this dress takes it from working from home to ready to impress. Also leopard is a neutral and literally looks amazing with black.

While a tee shirt dress is a “closet staple” it is the perfect day to evening dress, it is perfect for pandemic life of being at home, being on zoom, and for trips to running errands. Happy Styling, friends!

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