Wear it Wednesday | Valentine’s Outfit Ideas 2021

Valentine’s Day is 3 weeks away, and regardless of the pandemic it is always fun to dress up and celebrate your love with your partner! Even though we don’t do much to celebrate this holiday, I’m sharing 5 Valentine’s ready looks that I already have in my closet for the special day, you don’t have to buy anything new just get creative with what you already have!

Going Out

the if we were going to go out, this is what I would wear but we are most defiantly not going out

We don’t typically go out for Valentine’s day, it’s usually crowded and honestly after being out at work all day the last thing I want to do is go be around more people. No offense to people but as a limited energy ambivert, I’m done when I get home. But if we were going to go out on the town to celebrate this would be my go to! Instead, I’ll opt for grabbing some take out or planning a meal to cook with my Sweetie.

Top: Elegantees
Bottoms: ABLE
Shoes: ABLE
Bracelets: Alex & Ani

Romantic LBD

if Valentine’s Day was something we did something special on, I’d wear this

If the previous outfit wasn’t romantic enough for your Valentine’s day style, a little black dress is the perfect alternative. Instead of a cardigan or coat add a shawl that coordinates with your shoes and don’t forget a gorgeous wrap bracelet and your go-to clutch.

Dress: Elegantees
Shawl: Balthazar & Rose Fouta
Shoes: The Root Collective
Bracelet: Flourish Leather

Staying In

the I’ll be staying home on Valentine’s day thank you very much

If staying home on this frivolous holiday is your game plan then a cozy outfit for staying toasty on the couch is necessary. My Balthazar & Rose fouta is the perfect thing to go from out and about as a scarf to a cozy shawl around the house. Loving partner is optional but Netflix is necessary as is a tub of ice cream.

Top: Elegantees
Bottoms: Pact Leggings
Shoes: Birdies House Shoes
Shawl: Balthazar & Rose Fouta

Valentine’s on the go

the I need to run errands and want to look festive

If you want comfort & style you can never go wrong with boyfriend jeans and a flowy top. I added my TOMS sneakers for maximum versatility for the ultimate Target run look! I decided to do a front tuck to bring attention to my waistline and highlight the high rise of these jeans. Don’t forget your mask and add a crossbody bag so you can go hands-free.

Top: Elegantees
Bottoms: Boyish Denim
Shoes: TOMS
Bracelet: Daria Day

Feminine & Practical

the I want to wear a dress but also be comfortable and do things

A feminine & fun look, in a pre-pandemic world this would be a cute look for a day out and about, I see myself wearing this on the Santa Monica Pier in California or walking downtown COS and shopping with my partner. In a pandemic world, I see myself wearing this to get the mail and welcome my husband home from work before promptly putting on leggings and an oversized tee. #reallife

Denim Jacket: from my dad, find a similar cut & was from ABLE
Dress: Elegantees
Shoes: Sseko Designs
Bracelet: Alex & Ani

However you celebrate the holiday, have fun & stay socially distant from those that aren’t your Valentine’s day Sweetie!

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