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2021 is here and we want to celebrate you, the host or hostess with the mostess! This month we have a collection of delightful dining decor to fill a beautiful table with goodies from around the world that will be sure to impress any guest.

So whether you play the role of the chef, decorator, baker, entertainer, or the one who likes to enjoy a tasty treat in your home, we hope you enjoy these curated, handcrafted goods pretty enough to do all your hard work justice. So, to your delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, decadent cuisine, we hope you throw the dinner party of your dreams!

Art Deco Gold Metallic Apron, India ($35)
Measurements: 26.5″ W x 35.5″H
Materials: Cotton
Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended
Country of Origin: India

Artisan Story | R. Ravethi is a master handloom weaver and the artisan behind the flashy Art-Deco Metallic Apron. When asked who amongst the artisans at Subhavel stood out, R. Ravathi was the one that immediately came to mind. Her artisan community is located in Vengamedu, the Karur region of South India, and works alongside five other handloom weavers.

They prepare the yarn themselves and weave it into beautiful lengths of fabric, specializing in plaid, checked, and dobby patterns. Dobby fabric is characterized by extra texture and small geometric patterns, sometimes offset by satin threads, which makes for a gorgeous, shimmering design.

In order to produce this fabric, the weavers must use hand-powered looms, which require a great deal of concentration and physical work. The weavers don’t mind this work however, because they enjoy the process and take pride in the beautiful patterns they create.

R. Ravethi enjoys cooking and taking care of her family. She and her husband both provide income to the household equally, and are able to support themselves through the pandemic with Ravethi’s recent orders. Now that both of her daughters have been married, she is able to use the rest of her income to manage her normal life, basic needs, and medical expenses.

Gold Accented Serving Bowl, Morocco ($40)
Measurements:  8″Dia x 4.25″H
Materials: Ceramic
Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended
Country of Origin: Morocco

Artisan Story | The modern vibrancy that emits from your newly beloved Serving Bowl, adorned with whimsical gold accents, comes from combining culture and years of perfecting the potter’s technique. Hailing from one of Morocco’s most cultural cities, Marrakesh, Abderahim Affkhar is the artisan behind the Gold Accented Serving Bowl. Abderahim has worked in the complex world of pottery for 17 years, where he is now known as a master artisan in glazing.

Not only has Abderahim created beautifully crafted pottery for the last 17 years, he’s also developed organizational and management skills to help keep Khaloufi Abdeslam’s workshop running smoothly to meet their current order demands. Abdeslam has praised Abderahim by describing him as “a confident person who wants to learn and develop” products for the modern household. Abderahim and other artisans note that GlobeIn’s products have helped them learn a lot about the western market and current trends. Thank you Abderahim for creating such a timeless product with your mind, heart, and skills!

Bone Accented Serving Spoon, India ($18)
Measurements: 9″L
Materials: Mango wood & bone
Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended
Country of Origin: India

Artisan Story | Your ethically-sourced Bone Accented Serving spoon was produced by Aftab Ali Khan, who specializes in producing products out of wood and bone materials. Aftab wanted his audience to know that the seasoning and carving behind the spoon is done on mango wood, which is a popular yet sustainable wood source that is commonly found in India. In recent years orders from the international market have greatly supported his work, especially those facilitated by GlobeIn.

Cows in India are considered sacred creatures by the Hindu population, and thus beef is not eaten. Cows walk around freely in India, and just as any other animal, will eventually pass away with time. The bone from naturally expired cattle is upcycled and scavenged to make beautiful products. Thus not only is your product Fair Trade, but also sustainably harvested!

As someone who loves salads and has been cooking more with her partner, this decadence artisan box is a great set to keep and use throughout the year or share with the home chefs in your life! Click the image below and shop this Decadence Box!

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