Mindfulness | Minimizing Journey

My husband and I are thinking of downsizing when we move the next time, and that is going to take a bit of work considering we intentionally sized up when we moved back to Colorado Springs from California.

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So our minimizing journey begins! I am starting by reading books on less is more:

  • the minimalist way by Erica Layne
  • downsizing the family home by Marni Jameson
  • Project 333 by Courtney carver

I am also starting a notebook with a page or two for each room/space in our current home. Listing what we use regularly and what we don’t as well as listing all our heirloom items because regardless if we use them we are not getting rid of those items passed down by our family. The goal is go through our entire home, room by room and sort through everything we own.

Do we keep it; because we use it, it brings us joy, or is sentimental, or do we sell it or donate it? I would like to sell as much as possible to build up our savings a bit more and donate everything else to organizations in our communities especially those working with immigrant families and families overcoming homelessness.

The biggest concern I have as we move forward with this journey is that we will need to say good bye to items we like but just don’t use or enjoy anymore. We will probably end up storing some items if we do end up downsizing, especially large heirloom pieces and if necessary his record collection if it doesn’t sell.

I’m not advocating for minimalism in its most basic form instead just trying to minimize the clutter, the unnecessary, and the extra to what we actually use. Do I need 3 sets of mixing bowls? No. My grandmother’s depression-era ice cream cups? No, but they are heirloom, so we keep it. Do I need a cake/cupcake transporter? Probably not. I can’t remember the last time I made or transported a cake. Heck, I can’t remember the last time I made a cake or a cupcake…not since we cut out sugar.

While I am experienced in the minimizing process for my closet, as I have done it a number of times, it feels very strange to look at my entire home in this lens. We love to read and own several books, do we keep them all? Should we donate those we will never read again?

My ultimate goal of minimizing, let’s not call what I am doing minimalism, is to own less stuff and spend less money on stuff. Which feels like opposing ideas and the same all at once. The goal is to round out this journey next year, I would say end this journey but as is life the journey is never over.

4 thoughts on “Mindfulness | Minimizing Journey

  1. I think it’s good to do this regardless of whether it’s called ‘minimalism’ or not, I guess it’s just living a more intentional life. I hope your organising goes well and you get to a place you’re happy with!

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