Wear it Wednesday | Why you should shop from Ethical Boutiques

The biggest critique for shopping more ethically, is always I don’t know where to start. Trust me I get it. When I started shopping ethically, I didn’t know either. I started supporting one brand and then saw them tag another brand which led me to another and another. It was a long process and even then, not everything was a good fit for my style. And I know many women struggle with finding ethical fashion that fits their bodies.

So, why is shopping with ethical fashion boutiques, in-person or online, is so important to the ethical fashion market? First, there are multiple types of ethical boutiques to choose from including brick & mortar storefronts, online shops, pop-ups, and subscription services.

Buying from an Ethical Boutique is less work on the consumer, aka YOU! When you find an ethical boutique, it is easy to shop with confidence knowing that these storefronts have already vetted the brands they carry and are true believers in the products they sell! Don’t believe me, ask shop owners about the pieces they carry and how they are made. They will be enthusiastic to tell you about how the brand pulls women out of poverty, provides benefits & a safe work environment, or uses deadstock fabric from fast fashion brands instead of letting it go to landfills.

When beginning to shop ethically sometimes it is hard to find pieces in your style. It was defiantly hard for me as I said earlier. I now know of so many great brands doing great work in a variety of styles, some more minimalist, others trend forward. By shopping through an ethical fashion boutique you can find a variety of styles, to accurately reflect your style as well as your values! As well as explore other styles of trends you may be more hesitant about, your favorite ethical boutique can help you stretch your comfort zone when you are ready.

When you shop from an ethical boutique you are supporting not one but two ethical small businesses at once, the boutique & the brand! High Five! And while, yes, you could always start shopping from the brand itself, you’ll love knowing that your ethical boutique is there for you to share new pieces, and new upcoming brands you would have otherwise missed out on!

So, vote with your dollar and shop ethically! Looking for an online ethical subscription service? Try Wearwell, of whom I am a stylist & customer! Wearwell is an online-based subscription company that drives itself to share ethically & sustainably made fashion with it’s clients. Create an account & fill out your Style Profile to give your personal stylist an understanding of your size, style, budget, and values to get them started in creating a unique shopping experience for you!

While Maison Soleil is an online ethical fashion boutique based in Washington DC. Lindsay does weekend pop-ups around the DC area while also working as a forensic accounting consultant, she is a wife, and has 4 rescue kitties. Maison Soleil brings style and fair trade together to create a beautiful synergy under one roof.

You can get 15% off your purchase with Maison Soleil by using code: SHELBY15 at check out!

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