Wear it Wednesday | The Gen Z Wide Leg Pant Trend

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Thanks to Gen Z, skinny jeans and side parts are no longer cool. (Queue eye roll and laugh cry emoji) But what they don’t know is that we (Millennials) grew up with center parts and with Jean Co.’s as wide as my hips. Which may be why we went in fully into the skinny jean and side part trends. I still love my skinny jeans & I’m not parting with my side part any time soon, but wide leg pants are becoming more frequent in my outfits and my wardrobe.

I got my first pair of wide leg pants last summer, a pair of cream/off white cotton denim Universal Threads from Target. And while it is post Easter, I’m not sure if I’m ready to rock white denim yet. I grew up in the South so white denim is staunchly summer in my view.

I wanted to add more wide leg pants to my wardrobe and Pact just launched their spring collection which included a cropped, wide leg, high rise pant. I eyed them last summer but wasn’t ready to commit, this year I was. I got the Russet in Small and have been wearing them everyday that is warmer than 50 degrees. Frequently, layering with a denim jacket or my green utility jacket. I have been completing the looks with close toed shoes until it is warm enough for me to rock them with sandals.

Get a pair of Pact Womens Wide Leg Pants for spring & summer!

As far as sizing goes for these Pact pants, I got them in a small which they recommend for sizes 4-6. I am a 27 or a 4 through and through and I don’t know how comfortable I would be in these if I were a 6. They have a high rise, elastic back and button front but no belt loops and a 25″ inseam. Pact does offer free exchanges.

And even though I love my skinny jeans, you’ll have to take them off my cold dead body Gen Z, these wide leg pants are perfect for warmer days. Because they aren’t glued to your body they allow air flow and keep your ankle exposed which also keeps your body cooler. The wide leg cropped cut looks great with slide on sandals, which I’ve only done once thanks to the weather, as well as with clogs, round toe flats, and my slip on TOMS sneakers.

I’ve worn them a minimum of once a week since they arrived and as long as the temps have been warm enough. Next month, I’m looking forward to wearing them while hiking in Utah!

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