Shine a Light on Women’s Health Month

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May is Women’s Health Month, and after another endless winter here in Colorado Springs, I am finally getting outside to enjoy the warmer weather. With all the activities finally available to do outside, like hiking, running, and bike rides I am eager to get out! Women’s Health is more than encouragement to get out and move your body, it’s about loving your body & caring for it. Making those hard to make appointments, talking to your therapist, caring for your spiritual health as well as your mental & physical.

Receptra Women’s Health Bundle

Since moving back to Colorado from California, I’ve had a hard time getting motivated to run, it’s hilly on our side of town, actually on all sides of this town. But I’ve made the goal to be able to run our block by the end of the year and I mean run the whole thing, uphill and downhill! Seems like a small goal, but it also feels doable. I am a firm believer in doable goals especially after setting some really unhealthy and unrealistic goals in the past that have hurt my body. I have added Receptra’s Pain Relief Gummies to my pre-workout routine to help me go further and feel better through my workout. It helps that they are yummy and provide relief before the pain begins.

Women’s Health isn’t just about working out, it’s also about our ability to care for our whole selves; mental, spiritual, and physical. In addition to my running routine, I’m committing myself to morning yoga instead of my regular routine of sitting on the couch. These slow morning movements are the perfect way to energize my body & my mind for whatever the day holds. Whether, I am working from home, running errands, heck just running, or going into the office. These morning yoga sessions help put my mind in the right place.

To wind down from my new routine, I opt for meditation in the tub. No, hear me out! Our lives are noisy from the dings on our phones, the constant noise in our homes, and our own inner critic who I’ve named Diane. (Diane has a serious attitude problem & is super harsh about my progress at anything. SHHH Diane!) Silence is most welcome to help my mind rest. I prefer to meditate in the tub with my calm app & a scented candle like the Rise + Shine Women’s Health Candle. It helps me relax and transport my mind away from all the noise, including Diane who prefers I work 24/7.

Later this month, we are going to be exploring all the outdoor activities available to us in Moab, Utah. I plan to pack my Receptra’s Serious Relief Targeted Topical Stick for pain relief throughout the trip because 35 is hard y’all. We have several day hikes planned and I want to see as much as possible.

Being aware of my health, is as much about moving my body as it is listening to what my body is telling me. 2020, taught me to rest my mind often and 2021 is no different.

So, this May I encourage you to make those Doctor Appointments, schedule some time for yourself, and decide what it looks like to care for your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Celebrate Women’s Health Awareness Month with the Women’s Health Bundle from Receptra and celebrate yourself. Our bodies and minds are capable of incredible things.

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