Wear it Wednesday | What I wore hiking Moab

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Typically, I am very bad at taking outfit photos on vacation, because I’m usually not getting dressed to look cute instead with a strict purpose in mind. For example, hiking which can be fairly un-fashionable because I usually wear what I have and not some sponsored outfit from an expensive athletic brand. But on this last vacation to Moab, I managed to get photos on our days out and I loved how cute & functional these outfits were! I know I say it all the time over on Instagram, but wear the clothes you have friends!

Day 1 | Arches National Park

This was the coolest day we were in Moab, and even though it was ‘cool’ the name of the game was layers. I wore my straight leg Pact Apparel pants with hiking boots. My hiking boots are over 10 years old and still going strong, although I think my feet may have grown as they feel tighter and tighter every time I put them on. As for tops, I started with a tee-shirt layered under a long sleeve active top to keep the sun off my arms but keep me cool. This was a gift from my parents at Christmas and this was literally my first time wearing it because Colorado loves to hold on to winter! I also wore a lightweight jacket with a hood at the start of the hike, you can see it draped over my bag in the center photo, I also wore this the next day in Canyonlands. I wore this as we started our day at 6:30 am and I was cold. It was light enough to remove and carry without being bulky which was also helpful when hiking 3 miles!

Last year for my birthday, my husband bought me the wide brim hiking hat which looks dorky but seriously is one of my favorite pieces for being outside in the warmer months. I wore it every time we went out hiking and I love how it kept the sun off my face & kept me cool. Get one!

Day 2 | Canyonlands National Park

Our trip to Canyonlands was less hiking and more sightseeing, it was also warmer so I went through more of my layers on this day. Again, I started with 3 top layers but quickly went to my tee shirt. I started the day in my wide leg Pact pants, but because of the heat switched to my shorts, and since we weren’t ‘hiking’ a lot on this day I opted for my Chacos instead of hiking boots. My feet did ultimately pay the price because I didn’t sunscreen them. (ouch!)

My lightweight jacket turned out to be one of my most valuable items on this trip, even though I haven’t been able to wear it much prior to this trip it was a great layer for over a tee shirt or with my long sleeve sun layer. Plus it had a hood. I found myself reaching for it every time we left the cabin, even just for a trip to the bath house or to explore downtown Moab.

Tips for packing/styling for hiking trips:

  • Layers for comfort, you can always take things off
  • Bring cooler or warmer pieces
  • Wear a Hat & Sunglasses & Sunscreen
  • Comfortable Shoes

Pieces I wore from Pact Apparel which I bought; Wide Leg Pants, Woven Shorts, and Straight Leg Pants (from Day 1) no longer available

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