Mindfulness | Summer Meditation

After months of cold & even cool wet weather visions of summer begin with longer days, rising temperatures, and daydreaming about travels. Beach or Mountains? Ice Cream or Popsicles? Cook out or Picnic?

The energy of summer is vibrant, exciting & warm. Embrace this season on spontaneity while remaining anchored to who you are and your needs. So while your family calendar may be filling up with fun things to do, don’t forget to schedule some time for quiet relaxation and care for your mental health. 

Find your favorite meditation spot, in a comfortable seated position. Perhaps it is your favorite chair, on a pillow on the floor, or sitting outside in the shade. Begin by closing your eyes and taking slow & deep breathes, fill your lungs and release.

Imagine sitting in the sunshine; feel the warmth of the sun on your head and warming your body from top to bottom.

How does it feel?

What memories are brought to mind?

Imagine a body of water in front of you, is it an ocean beach, a river, or a swimming pool?

Inhale and submerge yourself. Feel the water on your skin.

How does it feel? What memories are brought to mind?

Imagine you are getting out of the water, feel the ground beneath your feet, the sun begins to warm you. What are you feeling? Warmth? Coolness?



What memories are recurring as you dry off in the sun?



Gently open your eyes. As you move into this season of warmth of the sun & the coolness of bodies of water, reflect on the contrast of these two elements and the contrast of spontaneity and routine in your own life.

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