Moab Utah 2021

In late May, we finally made it to Moab. As a Coloradian, Moab is like our neighbor’s cool playground that everyone goes too. We spent 3 full days in Moab enjoying the National Parks and playing downtown. We barely scratched the surface of things to do in Moab, so be sure to research exactly what you want to do!

Day 1 Arches National Park

If you are going to go to Arches NP, may as well make the 1.5 mile hike to the famed Delicate Arch. After driving into Moab the day before, I insisted to my husband and my parents that we needed to be leaving for the park between 6 and 6:30 am. They thought I was crazy, we got to the trail head for Delicate Arch by 7 am and it was already filling up. The earlier the better.
Also contrary to what I read online, the hike to Delicate Arch is somewhere between medium difficulty to strenuous. No scrambling which is one of my criteria for strenuous hikes. This is a VERY popular hike and was a crowded trail. There are plenty of opportunities to stop and rest along the way, but bring a hat and wear sunscreen because there is little shade on this hike. There is a portion that has drop offs on one side but by the time you get to that you are literally around the corner from the end of the hike!

The next hike we did was to Sand Dune Arch, which is a fun one. Contrary to Delicate Arch, the Sand Dune Arch Hike is short, mostly in the shade, and through sand. An easy follow up to Delicate, and a half mile from Sand Dune is Broken Arch. This hike has almost no shade but leads to a great view of Broken Arch and has an easy difficulty level.

Day 2 Canyonlands National Park

While we had planned ahead to get into Arches early, we did not plan to get to Canyonlands early and we should have. Canyonlands offers some easy short hikes, but can also be done well just by driving to the amazing overlooks throughout the park. We went to the North Entrance of the park also known as Island in the Sky. You’ll feel like you’re on an island in the sky looking down into these amazing canyons and crevasses. Don’t forget your sunscreen and a hat, there isn’t much shade!

Be sure to hike to Mesa Arch, it was short and fairly easy and you get to see a beautiful low arch with a lovely view of the canyon behind it!

Day 3 Moab, Utah

This was our “low-impact” day, we didn’t do any hiking and instead walked around the downtown area supporting local businesses aka shopping and eating. There were lots of great little shops and some yummy food! Our go-to souvenirs are local honey or art, I bought a few stickers & pins from the National Parks and my dad bought me a cozy sweatshirt in my signature color. My dad’s signature souvenir is a baseball cap, I borrowed it for these pictures because it matched my sweatshirt so well!

Have you visited Moab, Utah? If you love mountain biking this is, I’m told, the Mountain Biking Capital of the world. There are several local parks just for all the mountain biking and dog hiking, since dogs aren’t allowed on the trails in the national parks.

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