Wear it Wednesday | Transitioning your Wardrobe to Fall

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Is it fall where you are? Even if the temps haven’t dropped enough for that PSL yet, here are some easy ways to transition your warm-weather looks to cooler days with just one or two changes! Because as excited as we all are for the cooler season, doesn’t mean it will turn to fall overnight, not even here in Colorado! So, take your favorite warm-weather looks into the new season with a simple swap.

As soon as the crispness of fall is in the air I’m in the mood for fall candles, warm soups, and of course all the fall pieces for my wardrobe. Some days are more fall than others, so here are some easy ways to take your favorite summer looks into the cooler season!

  1. Add Long Sleeves Under your Top 

When I was a kid, I secretly hated doing this. I mean could we not afford to just wear the long sleeve shirt? As an adult, I see this as a clever way of extending the life of my warm-weather pieces into the colder days and at 35 I love it! Now I can wear this adorable Amira top into fall without covering it up! Mock neck for the win!

Top: KINdom
Long Sleeve Top: Elegantees
Jeans: ABLE
Shoes: The Root Collective

  1. Swap for Ankle Boots

Sometimes, adding something over an already great outfit is a better option. This is good for when it is cool in the mornings and hot in the afternoon. AKA, Texas between Oct – April. This outfit on its own has been a go-to all summer for me, so it is easy to wear into the fall season by swapping sandals for ankle boots and adding my GOEX cardigan, the pockets on this layer are perfection!

Top: Old Fast Fashion
Pants: Levis from Poshmark
Sandals: Sseko Designs
Cardigan: GOEX Apparel
Ankle Boots: TOMS

  1. Add Cardigan

Wearing dresses in the summer is such a natural thing, they are breezy, keep you cool, and look so stylish. Transitioning that summer dress into the fall is a piece of cake. Swap your wedges or sandals for flats or ankle boots and toss on a cardigan and you’ve instantly changed the aesthetic to that dress! Add a PSL and a scarf to emulate your favorite Pinterest Pins!

Dress: Elegantees
Shoes: The Root Collective
Cardigan: Liz Alig

  1. Add a Jacket

If a cardigan isn’t going to work for your outfit reach for something with a little more weight. A denim jacket is the ideal fall layer, wear it over a tank top or style it over a sweater. This look with a graphic tee & printed skirt from KINdom is the perfect edgy look that needs a jacket instead of a drapey cardigan. The jacket gives the look structure and balance. 

Shirt: Pact Apparel
Skirt: KINdom
Shoes: Adidas
Jacket: from my dad

  1. Add a Sweatshirt

My go-to summer outfit is shorts and a tee perfect for staying cool and also qualifies as dressed for walking the dog or running an errand. The first signs of fall at our house are me tossing on a sweatshirt of this look, usually in the privacy of our apartment but also for those cooler than I expected evening walks with Asher. My cozy sweatshirt from Bamboo Clothing has been my favorite for this as it goes well with all the shorts in my dresser and it’s so soft! Also, ladies tossing on a sweatshirt helps me hide the fact that 9 times out of 10 I’m not wearing a bra when I need to go out. If you know, you know.

Shirt: Pact Apparel
Shorts: Old Fast Fashion
Sandals: Chacos
Sweatshirt: Bamboo Clothing

Happy Fall Styling! Which of these is your favorite way to transition your outfits to the fall season? Stay cozy! 

XO- Shelby

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