Wear it Wednesday | Styling a Little Black Dress this Autumn

This product was gifted to me to share with my audience.

For the longest time, I avoided wearing black. It probably doesn’t help that I grew up in the 90’s around the punk rock and emo cultures. So in an effort to always be super feminine, I wore white and avoided black. Until High School when our school colors were black and gold but that is another blog post for another day.

In the last few years, I’ve been more drawn to black pieces but very specific cuts and styles. This gorgeous dress from Maison Soleil is the perfect example of the ideal little black dress, which is for so much more than emo concerts and funerals.

Would it be autumn if you aren’t wearing a cute hat? The Callie dress has the perfect A-line cut as the temps cool off. With ¾ length sleeves for cooler days but not cold enough for a cardigan or a jacket. Closed-toe shoes always give the impression of a more polished look and the neutral leopard print of this pair from ABLE adds some interest to this effortless look. Added a dash of color with tassel earrings like this emerald pair from Starfish project.

My favorite thing about the Callie dress, is all the different colors you can wear with it. This cranberry tone Liz Alig Cardigan adds some texture with its bauble knit and coordinates perfectly with the autumn-toned mustard flats from The Root Collective. I opted for gold and brass layered accessories for this outfit, perfect for an elegant outfit to wear to work or dinner with friends.

Have a full weekend of activities and errands on your to-do list? This dress is perfect for running around town without skipping a beat. Layer with a denim jacket & sneakers for retro 90’s look that is comfortable and fashionable. All this outfit is missing is a ball cap, which I didn’t think of until I was looking back on my pictures. Where would you wear this outfit too? Saturday soccer games, grocery store, coffee date with a friend!

Can you wear black and brown together? This look is my answer to that. Because this my new favorite autumn look, my Callie dress layered with my favorite Tradlands sweater, paired with neutral brown ankle boots, and topped with my Pendelton Wool hat. Bring on the colder autumn days! Seriously, can’t go wrong and if it’s a little too cold for bare legs just add tights. Ta Da! I added some leopard print earrings from Sela Designs for some added interest, and also I love them.

Looking to add the perfect little black dress to your wardrobe? It makes the perfect minimalist addition and can be worn on repeat in so many stylish ways! How would you style this LBD?

Get the Callie dress from Maison Soleil, and get 15% your purchase with code: SHELBY15

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