Mindfulness | A Fall Meditation

As we begin the transition from fun and spontaneous summer to cool and mellow fall I wanted to share with you a meditation for the new season. Each season has it’s own energy, rhythms, colors, and celebrations. In nature fall is the season of pruning and preparation. It happens throughout nature as trees and shrubs prune themselves of unnecessary foliage, and the forest creatures prepare for the season of less though stockpiling for the months ahead. It is the season of transition from high energy summer to low key winter. It is here that we are reminded to slow down, embrace what is in front of us, and let go of the things that weigh us down. 

I invite you to find a comfortable seat, light a candle or turn on your diffuser, grab your journal and pen, and reflect on how these ideas of pruning and preparation can guide you through this transitional season.

  1. Begin by settling into a comfy seat, closing your eyes and bring your breath into your center. 
    1. Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound. Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of 4. Hold your breath for a count of 7. Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of 8.
  2. Visualize the transition of fall from summer is happening around you; watch as the leaves change color and fall, see the forest creatures prepare for coming months gathering food, making a comfy bed, and getting thick coats.
  3. Consider:
    1. What do you need to prune from your life as you move forward? 
    2. What do you need to do to be prepared for the next season of life?
  4. Rest here for a moment meditating on these questions and the thoughts that enter your head. Write down anything that stands out to you or questions you have.
  5. After a few moments, ask yourself:
    1. How do I feel about this change?
    2. Why do I feel this way?
  6. In Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, the author explains there is a season for everything.
    1. Which of theses seasons resonates with you right now?
    2. Which of these seasons do you wish to be in? What do you need to prune or prepare in order to reach that season?
  7. Meditate on the seasons of life
  8. As you prepare for the new beginnings fall offers, consider how pruning the unnecessary and toxic things, people, and beliefs will contribute to the life you want to live. In preparation for the next season, what do you need to be properly equipped? 
  9. Meditate on these answers while doing the slow breathing exercise from earlier
    1. Breathe in for 4 seconds
    2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds
    3. S L O W L Y breathe out for 8 
  10. Now, go and do what you can today. Practice gratitude. And do the next right thing.

You can use this meditation as often (or as little) as you’d like this fall to help be more mindful of the transitional season, practicing mindfulness and pruning your life in expectation of what is to come.
With nature as your guide you can find harmony and sustainability, God’s creation know what it needs and what it does not, to prune away the unfruitful branches and prepare for the changing rhythms. When we slow down and apply these principles to our lives we can learn and grow through the harshest seasons.

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