hello, 2022!

In preparation for writing this post, I literally had to go back and find my 2021 word of the year, I couldn’t remember it and clearly, I had not written it down in my planner. I feel like my 2021 word of the year began to really reveal its self at the end of the year. Hope.


Hope is “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen”, we’ve been hoping for a while for new ministry opportunities for my husband and in November not one but two opportunities presented themselves to us for the future. 

So in 2022, I want to embrace new opportunities. Say Yes to more adventurous and boundary-pushing opportunities, and I want to say No more often to the things that suck me dry & leave me overwhelmed and stressed. 


Cheers to 2022, I don’t expect you to be perfect but I walk into this new year with eyes wide open ready to embrace the unknown.

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