Wear it Wednesday | 2021 Dressember Wrap-Up

Dressember 2021, celebrates my 8th year participating in Dressember. What began, for me at least as a way to connect with people in 2014 after a move to a new state where I knew no one has become a winter tradition. My goal this year was to raise $800, I’m grateful to my friends and family who donate to my campaign each year. Your support means a lot to me because this cause is important to me.

I took a more relaxed approach to Dressember this year. Instead of posting photos on my IG feed every day, I posted daily on my Instagram Stories and did a wrap-up post of all my dresses at the end of the week. I felt less pressure to take amazing and creative photos of my dresses and there wasn’t the fear of me ‘missing’ to post a day. I just did what felt good and when I had time. 

Dressember 2021, was a strange one. It was one of the warmest Dressember’s I’ve ever participated in and that says a lot considering I did this style challenge for 3 years in Central California. The odd warm winter weather made it easy to wear dresses without tights entirely for a good portion of the challenge, I even rocked some open-toe flats a few times. Crazy right? Also, global warming but that is another blog post.

One thing I wanted to incorporate more of this year was skirts. I know you’re supposed to only wear dresses but I have acquired some great skirts in the last 12 months which I wanted to wear in December, so I did. For me, the bigger challenge of Dressember is to just not wear pants.

Here were my Dressember 2021 outfits:

You can still give my Dressember campaign!

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