Wear it Wednesday | Hemp Undies

Why wear hemp?
Hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, with anti-odor properties. Super comfortable, breathable, and gets softer with every wash. Hemp is also organic, eco-friendly, and can help save the planet. Hemp is the perfect fabric for your underwear. So the question shouldn’t be why wear hemp, but why not hemp?

WAMA’s fabric is dyed in a facility that is Oeko-Tex Certified. This ensures that the fabric has been tested for harmful substances and that the fabric is, therefore, is harmless for human health.

WAMA’s hemp fabric & manufacturing are based in China because they are the leaders in hemp growth & processing. To create these same processes in the United States would take decades. WAMA ensures that all its workers are paid a fair wage and have a safe work environment. China is often associated with subpar products, which to be fair you can buy subpar and cheaply made from nearly every country. This does not abstain them, instead, China has the factories and manufacturing experience. WAMA is certified by Business Social Compliance Initiative, who are involved in the Business Social Compliance Initiative to help integrate social compliance and promote good working conditions among their suppliers.

I was approached by WAMA to share their product in September & November and I have to admit it is really scary to say, “yes, I will wear your underwear on my Instagram feed”. I decided that collaborate with WAMA because of their numerous certifications and quality products. While I did get these pieces in black it is more like charcoal. So if that is important to you, I’m letting you know! After choosing these products they made available a variety of nude tones and have a lovely WAMA green. (See below!)

As a woman, can I be honest? I hate wearing a bra. Yes, I know I can hear my mother in the back of my head, hate is a strong word. And yet it is exactly how I feel. Thankfully, the resurgence of the bralette has made this undergarment, a bit more comfortable. This triangle bralette from WAMA is surprisingly comfortable. It has adjustable straps, and a traditional hook & eye in the back so there is no uncomfortable maneuvering it up and over your head. I love that this bralette is wire-free and padding-free, seems like really low standards for the word bralette, I can tell you I’ve seen so many ‘bralettes’ with wire and cups.

I especially love these boyshorts from WAMA, they are perfect to wear with skirts and dresses and don’t feel revealing. Unlike hipsters, they don’t ride up. Unlike bikinis, they don’t get loose, and if you know you know. I have never been a fan of skimpy underwear, it doesn’t do me any good. These boyshorts have an actual leg to them and somewhere between a mid and a high rise which let’s be honest is the superior cut. The High Rise panties, which I got in November in green are so soft and comfy. Perfect to wear with my high-rise skinny jeans, which may be the only bottoms I don’t like wearing my boyshorts with.

Let’s talk sizing, I got an extra small in the triangle bralette and am a 32B and a small in the boyshorts and I am a 4 or 27″ hip. Plus they have a very helpful sizing guide to help you discern your size.

You can start your Hemp Underwear Journey with 10% off using code SHELBY10

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