Wear it Wednesday | Jeanuary with NOEND denim

I was provided 2 pairs of jeans, in return for content. All opinions are my own & links are not affiliated.

What is Jeanuary anyways? Well after 31 days of Dresses in December for Dressember, January has lovingly been named Jeanuary for the 31 days of jeans that Dressember participants wear in January. I do wear a denim dress in Dressember so, technically I don’t go the whole month without denim but I do go without wearing jeans on a regular basis.

This January, I wore every pair of Jeans in my dresser and even got a few new pairs thanks to NOEND denim, an American denim brand based in California. I have a pair of NOEND denim that I’ve been wearing for a few years and love the 100% cotton construction. And while 100% cotton is my jam, if you are buying 100% cotton denim, remember that these jeans will eventually stretch out like a loved pair of leather shoes to conform to you but they will be a bit stiff and tight initially. If you cannot button them then they are TOO tight and you should probably size up. I sized up on one pair but not the other.

The first pair of jeans I received from NOEND denim are the Augusta High Rise Skinny jeans in Habit. This pair of jeans are 100% cotton and it is recommended you size up. I love this medium wash, high rise, and no distressing. The 28” inseam is the perfect length for me to wear with flats or roll with ankle boots. They have a great timeless look to them that comes only from 100% cotton denim. They feel vintage with a modern flattering cut. I love this pair for their lack of distressing, my other 2 pairs of NOEND denim have distressing so it was important to me to get a style without.

The second pair of jeans I received were the Claude High Rise Straight Crop pants in White, and boy are they WHITE. So crisp, perfect to wear year-round, including winter. This pair is cropped with a 26.5” inseam and has some light distressing nice enough to dress up or down. The straight fit of this pair are less tapered at the ankle than the skinny jeans and on me feels like a boyfriend-like fit without being oversized, which was always my criticism of boyfriend jeans.

Each of these jeans have a button-flys, are 100% cotton, made in the USA denim. NOEND denim does offer a few styles with stretch if that is more your style. Personally, I love a button-fly, it’s a little sexier in my opinion, even if it is a hidden button fly.

If you haven’t worn 100% cotton jeans in a while, they are kind of like wearing nice leather shoes. Over time, they form to your body. I do not recommend putting 100% cotton jeans in the drier, as it will cause them to shrink. So, only wash when necessary & always air dry. I have owned a pair of NOEND denim for a few years, and I love the way these jeans fit & feel and know that these will fit and feel the same way!

If you’re looking to add some new jeans to your wardrobe, remember to buy a size up & give your jeans time to form to your body.

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