Wear it Wednesday | 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration

I’m a little bit Irish and even if you aren’t you can still get festive for St Patrick’s day. After Christmas, I bought myself the SUNDAY top from elegantees, I love the easy simple fit and this gorgeous pine-needle color. I noticed last year, or the year before that my wardrobe was very warm. Lots of reds, orange, and yellow including warmer toned purples.

I have been trying to include more colors in my wardrobe while sticking to my color palette. This shade of green isn’t too jewel-toned or earthy it is perfectly balanced to wear with a variety of neutrals for cool weather days.

The color green is one of my favorites, it invokes feelings of tranquility & calm as many associate it with nature. Other common associations with the color green are money, good luck, health, envy or jealousy, and environmental awareness. But why do we wear green and associate green with the Irish?

According to Time, McMahon argues the earliest use of green for nationalistic reasons was seen during the violent Great Irish Rebellion of 1641, in which displaced Catholic landowners and bishops rebelled against the authority of the English crown, which had established a large plantation in the north of Ireland under King James I in the early 17th century. Military commander Owen Roe O’Neill helped lead the rebellion, and used a green flag with a harp to represent the Confederation of Kilkenny, a group that sought to govern Ireland and kick out the Protestants who had taken control of that land in the north of Ireland. (They were ultimately defeated by Oliver Cromwell.)

So, don your favorite green styles this March 17 & be inspired by these outfits.

Look 1

Here in Colorado, it is usually cold on, or around St. Patrick’s day. So, it’s important to come ready with layers and boots for a stylish but comfy look. It’s the perfect look for our chilly 20 degree mornings and warm 50-60 degree days. My Sunday top looks perfect dressed down with my Patagonia vest and warm Pendelton Wool hat, it was snowing the day I wore this.

Look 2

If you’re looking for something a little more sporty but not overtly casual, add a pop of white instead of your go-to winter dark wash denim. I opted for my favorite TOMS slide-ons and some fun lightning earrings to complete the look. These jeans are lightly distressed making them the ideal choice for a casual look perfect for grabbing dinner at our favorite neighborhood bar.

Look 3

Wearing this Sunday top with high-rise 100% cotton denim with loafer flats is so timeless. It feels vintage and yet is modern and feminine. I love that this Sunday top has long dolman style long sleeves and an easy scoop neckline that easily dresses up or down depending on what is on my calendar.

Look 4

Yes, I love wearing jeans and you can see 3 of the 4 styles are with jeans but sometimes you just want to wear a skirt. This woven cotton midi skirt from Liz Alig is perfect for a lovely feminine look. I love the wooden & functional button-down placket and the elastic waistband for a comfortable fit. It wouldn’t be complete without my TRC flats in mustard for spring-ready look on warmer days.

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