More about Service Adventure

So, last month I shared with y’all this call we feel to live in community with others. Not just participating in community life once a week or so but actually living it. In February, we were confirmed as Service Adventure Leaders for the unit here in Colorado Springs through our church. But what is Service Adventure?

Service Adventure is a program offered through Mennonite Mission Network that gives 17 to 20-year-olds a pathway to Voluntary Service for 10 months, giving them a gap year. They serve 40 hours a week with a NonProfit in the area, participate in church life, and live communally in the Unit House with the other participants & leaders (aka us).

Since we have just been confirmed as leaders, been given a handbook, and haven’t had any time under our belts as said leaders I am very hesitant to tell you, or myself, how it will look for us to be leaders. I anticipate lots of praying, dedicated quiet hours, and a sharing of responsibilities by everyone in the house. Travis is already excited for worship evenings and will be our leader for spiritual thought and readings. I, on the other hand, take a more practical approach to faith finding it meaningful to go and do the things we think, and talk about. Will it go smoothly? Will there be moments of panic? Will I question myself daily? Maybe, maybe not.

Things I am looking forward to: seeing Colorado Springs through new eyes, new adventures with participants, serving together, mentoring young adults, growing spiritually, watching the participants grow through their service, through church & worship, and as young adults.

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