Sustainable & Ethical Jewelry from Arlokea

I was gifted this pair of earrings from Arlokea in return for content. All opinions are my own.

I often talk about the impact our clothes and purchases have on this planet. It’s why I choose natural fibers and eco-friendly made clothing & jewelry. Yes, what we buy matters but so does where it comes from and where it will go at the end of its life. Sustainable and ethical fashion is also about ecological integrity and social justice.

Meet Arlokea, an ethical and sustainable jewelry brand focused on doing good through thoughtful use of materials, working with artisan groups focused on marginalized peoples, a commitment to sustainability, and giving back through initiatives that truly have an impact on people’s well-being.

Brass is ideal for jewelry making due to its beautiful and affordable nature. Made from a combination of two metals, copper and zinc, Brass features warm, golden tones and looks similar to gold.

Arlokea’s brass jewelry collection ranges from fine jewelry to statement jewelry to artisanal brass jewelry. If you’re looking for smooth brass jewelry or textured brass jewelry, look no further.

As a plant parent, I love all things leafy. These monstera leaf inspired brass stud earrings are perfect for taking my love of houseplants outside the home. Hand-crafted with an artisan-cooperative in India, these are fair-trade made and perfect for going out & sharing your passion for ethical style with the world.

I love wearing brass, it is lightweight and has a beautiful warm tone.

Arlokea also includes beautiful gold, silver, and gemstone pieces as well. They even have a collection of bridal styles for the ethical-conscious bride.

Shop Arlokea, HERE

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