My Daily Skin Care Routine

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April in Colorado is an interesting month, it can be snowing or it can be summer. Often times, it is both in the same week. Despite what the weather does, it is always dry. In fact, the states with lowest humidity levels are all in the west; Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. Even if Colorado’s humidity level is higher than those other states, it is relatively low. So, I have learned a few ways to better care for my skin and stay hydrated on the driest of days.

While keeping yourself properly hydrated is important in Colorado (& everywhere else) keeping your skin hydrated is also important. Many people equate caring for your skin and body as self care, in a selfish body obsession sort of way. However, caring for our skin & our body’s needs is in fact, self care. Caring for ourselves is an important aspect to our overall well being. 

My skin care routine has a lot of different aspects to it, yours should to. It should work for you and your skin. Just because I have a skin care routine doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect. I still forget to do portions of it or have breakouts. We are all humans. 

The needs your body and skin have maybe completely different from mine. I’ve always had slightly oily skin on my face and regular to dry skin on my body. The products I use have come from years of trial and error. 

On a daily basis, I always begin my day by washing my face. As a kid and teenager, I always pushed back against adding this to my morning routine. But as I have gotten older, I have found there is nothing quiet as restorative as a hot washcloth on your face when you’re tired.

I also repeat this first thing when I get home from work, it signals the end of my work day & I love how refreshing it is. My favorite face wash is the Tea Tree Face Wash from Trader Joe’s, it has literally been my lifesaver since entering my mid-30s.

After washing my face, I pat dry with a towel and spritz the Trader Joe’s Rosewater toner on my face. (Are you sensing a theme? lol) Now, it is time to moisturize. Aveeno’s Ultra Calming face lotion with SPF is my go to in the mornings, and NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil is what I use in the evenings. You should always use an SPF in the mornings, a daily sunscreen can help defend against skin cancer.

My face isn’t the only part of my body that receives skin care. It is important to moisturize after bathing, as water and soaps can easily dry out your skin. My favorite is Receptra Naturals Body Butter. Not only does it feel incredibly luxurious the added CBD and manuka honey both help to keep your skin feeling moisturized longer but helps to ease my achiness from my joints & muscles. Especially my hands.

Since moving back to Colorado in 2017, I have realized I need to do more to care for my skin on a day to day basis. Lotion is how I do that. Besides the general benefits of applying lotion to your skin, have you ever taken the time to notice how relaxing it is to rub your hands? I work from a computer, A LOT, and even at 35 my hands can get crampy. Stopping even for a few minutes to put on lotion and rub my hands with my Receptra Body Butter, helps relive the crampiness I feel and relax the muscles in my hands before I get back to work.

I love supporting (& promoting) Colorado brands and it helps when Receptra creates great CBD products that I love, love using, & trust thanks to their Third-Party Lab tests. 

Interested in trying CBD body butter? Get it, here.

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