Wear it Wednesday | Colorado Spring Outfits

Yes, I know it is May. And while it feels like it may have been spring for a while where you are, trust me the warmer weather is just now becoming regular here in Colorado. Spring in the mountains means it is warm enough for it to not snow and cold enough that you still need layers. And it could snow one day and be absolute perfection the next.

Here are a few of my favorite spring outfits, depending on the weather for the week.

In Colorado, we never know if it will be warm or snowing, and the odds are it will probably do both within 7 days. My spring outfits tend to fluctuate between full on summer dresses with flats to sweaters and jeans and warm shoes. By April, I am full on protesting any and all wear of boots but I will if we get a significant amount of snow!

I am a firm believer that you never pack away your sweaters, because you may need them. Even in the summer months. Every one of the outfits, I posted above, I wore with a jacket or tossed on a pullover sweater. Most of the time it was my denim jacket, I also wear my wool cardigan often. I also tend to keep reaching for longer hem line dresses and skirts, or wearing jeans.

While most of my outfits are springy or even summers-ish, I will still wear closed toe shoes. This keeps my feet warm on cool, okay cold, mornings even if the high is in the 60’s!

Tips for dressing for spring and staying warm on cool days:

  1. Closed Toe Shoes, no sandals quite yet!
  2. Layer with a lighter toned jacket/cardigan/pullover sweater
  3. Wear shorter sleeves under long sleeves and remove layers as the day warms up
  4. Add a cute hat
  5. Longer hems for skirts and dresses

What is spring like where you live? Is it still kind of cool and indecisive? Or is it pretty consistent whether that is warm or cold?

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