Ethical Fashion to Slow Fashion

Beginning in 2015, I really began to transition my wardrobe to a more Ethically Sourced one. I slowed down my fast fashion, and impulse buying and leaned toward well-made ethical pieces I could afford and slowly include in my closet. I did this for a solid 5 years. Then last year something happened, I slowed down my ethically made buying…to be honest I was 100% okay with it. It felt natural & my wardrobe was at a place where I didn’t need or honestly, want everything I saw. 

In the summer of 2021, I realized that I wasn’t adding to my wardrobe at the same rate I had been in the years before and I didn’t need something from every release by my favorite ethical fashion brands, although I do peruse them in case something really stands out. Over the last few years, I made a conscious list of the things that need to be replaced, and what I am looking for with very specific details. And now, I found myself taking more time to fulfill those needs in my wardrobe. I was slowing down and entering a new phase of my wardrobe. The Slow Fashion Phase…

I LOVE my wardrobe, I’m excited about the things I have and how they fit, and how they mix and match with other pieces in my closet. Versatility has a big influence if I add something to my closet.

When I realized I was in this phase of my wardrobe, part of me freaked out. Like what was I going to do to create content? What if I no longer believed I needed to own the pieces I was sharing on my blog or social media? I do at times, want to buy things simply to support the brands I love. I also recognize we are out of the hardest portion of this pandemic, I will continue to share those brands with you but I am only going to buy it if I truly love it and it fits my wardrobe. 

I recognize this is not the most profitable decision for my blog or social media, brands aren’t going to pay me to style a tee from 3 years ago to share on their social channels, and goodness knows I’m not replacing a tee from 3 years ago just because a brand made the same one, in new fabric or with a slight adjustment. Instead, I hope the brands I work with will be willing to send me items I ask for or let me style them and simply return them (and pay me) with full transparency to you my followers & readers. I’ve updated my branding to reflect the slower nature of my wardrobe.

Style & Simplicity arched in navy blue over Stylishly Shelby in a yellow script font

In the coming months, wear it Wednesday blog posts will include a new format of me sharing my favorite things from my closet and the multiple ways I wear them. From tops to shoes, and jewelry. On occasion when I do add new items to my wardrobe, I will be upfront with the gap it fills and why I bought it. If it was gifted, I will share that too. 

I genuinely believe in a wardrobe that works for you, and after several years I have that and am okay with transitioning my content with that.

Reaching this phase in my own wardrobe is what prompted me to write the stylishly YOU workbook so that you too could curate a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle & style. Learn more about the stylishly YOU workbook, HERE

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