Wear it Wednesday | My Favorite Shoes for Spring in Colorado

Spring in Colorado usually means 20-30’s in the morning and around the 60’s in the afternoon. This extreme variation in temperature can sometimes feel hard to get dressed around, but I have found if I am going from home into the office or into a building then I can enjoy some of my less wintery style shoes. 

My favorites are usually close-toed, because while it is warmer in the afternoons I can’t do 30 degrees with open-toe shoes. I am often, over boots by this time of the year but will continue to wear a few pairs that are more amiable for the warmer afternoons. 

Chelsea Boots

My Chelsea Boots are the perfect spring boot, they require a thin sock and don’t make my feet hot in the afternoons. These boots are a great option on cooler spring days when, I am so over my winter boots. My Chelsea boots are stylish, timeless, and incredibly versatile. I’ve worn them with dress and jeans. 

Huarache Sandals

While my huarache sandals are perfect for warmer spring days, or on days when I know I’ll be out and home during the warmest portion of the day. I really love the comfort level and ease of these flats, dressy enough to wear with a dress to church on a warm day or with crop pants and a tee to the local nursery for some plant shopping!

Flats & Loafers

A timeless pair of flats are a staple for my spring wardrobe. They look stylish with jeans, dresses, and skirts. Not to mention they keep my toes warm on chilly mornings, and still look appropriate on warm afternoons. These shoes are stylish and comfortable for long days, and never disappoint. I have 3 pairs; one yellow, one red, and one chestnut brown. It’s always a good idea to have a neutral but those pops of color are ideal for spring!

Slip On Sneakers

I’ve had this pair for 5 years or so and are a favorite for comfy shoes that provide more coverage. Plus they are comfy. I love how easy they are to slip on to walk the dog and they are stylish enough to wear on a more casual day but versatile enough for walking and being on my feet alot. I often wear them on days I know I’ll be on my feet a lot at work, or plan to do a lot of walking. Sometimes, I even take them with me when I wear other shoes in case I need something more comfortable to walk in. Mine are Black and White and easily go with my entire wardrobe. 

Clogs & Mules

I’ve written a blog post about this in the past, but just a quick refresher. Mules do not always equal clogs and clogs can be mules. I do enjoy rocking my clogs in the winter with socks, although that can be slightly controversial. And mules are a fun way to tip toe into warmer days with cool mornings. Plus I love the leopard print, such a great addition to an outfit full of solids!

What are your go-to Spring Shoes?

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